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The Complete and Happy Family - For the Forseeable Future

13 October 2011

This past September Markus and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Not a huge amount of time when you are comparing to, say, forever, but enough time that when I look back on the Markus and Lilly we were when we were getting married, I am astounded to see how we have grown as individuals. When I was marrying Markus I wanted everything to go so fast. I wanted my super star career, to see every corner of the world, to have the perfect house that I could fill with babies in a year or two...I wanted the works delivered to me as I passed through the drive thru adjacent to the fast lane.

The house came quickly, then the job and after a while I could not understand this feeling washing over me. I was coming to experience contentment for the first time. Now we're such content and happy people that it will take a big feeling in our stomachs to want to rock the boat with another big step, and that's ok with us. It reminds me of one of my favorite songs, Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, so that's where we went to take some pictures of our "perfect of now" family. The night just so happened to be the night we were married two years before and the "bay" just so happened to be White Rock Lake, where we had our wedding reception at Winfrey Point.

Amanda of AJ Photography did such an incredible job with these photos. I feel so still and happy looking at them and I hope you enjoy them as well!

 I am a smitten kitten when Markus plays the Ukelele at our house so I politely forced him to bring it to our session.

 This one reminds me that we can do anything together!

Lest we forget that it's all about Little Child.

After playing on the lake, we headed to where Markus and I were spending the night as an anniversary surprise, The Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff. Amanda took this shot of us outside our room before we took off for an amazing and gluten-free love meal at Fireside Pies. This image absolutely makes my heart sing. Little Child is obsessed with being held upside down and I'm so happy we got a picture of the three of us where all of our personalities come through. Markus is such a naturally happy person and the look on my face says it all to me: I could not be more in love with my life or these people.

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