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Drinking with my Witches

23 October 2011

My best friend/former college roomate is known for her fabulous theme parties. First it was pirates, then an Irish St. Patrick's Day fest and last year she hosted an alien-themed night complete with a black light room. When her and her sisters sent out an invitation for a Witch's Wine Tasting at their parents' house I was so excited to RSVP. Below are some of the hosting highlights!

Our wine table that was quite full by the end of the night!

Wine glasses for each girl with glitter spider ring tags.

The always amazing snack table at Sarah's theme parties.

"Bloody" pot roast for cocktail sandwhiches.

Seven-layer spiderweb dip. Sour cream as the top layer with a black bean puree spider web!

Fondue cheese in a fresh carved pumpkin and a cauldron of my favorite spinach dip from Market Street.

Homemade red velvet cake with black fondant bats and mini spiced bundtlettes.

We told Sarah's nephew that Spiderman had been by to hang this rope web. He couldn't believe it!

Wine bag favors that the Beard ladies made for us with their sewing skills.

Some of the girls enjoying the festivities! I was the Karate Kid and Sarah (middle) is missing her witch's hat but was a fabulous witch and hostess.

Another one-of-a-kind party thrown by the Beard ladies! What are you doing to prep for Halloween?

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