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21 October 2011

pop christmas

pop christmas by lilly-neubauer on

I am counting down the minutes until it's time for Christmas decorations. I love Halloween, but Thanksgiving does nothing  for me and if there's a chill in the air I might as well be hanging tinsel and drinking cocoa. Christmas is when I really unleash my inner kid (oh wait, I'm sorry, that is every day of the year). We bought this old school Peanuts display last year for the yard and I've been staring at this Dylan's Candy Bar advent calendar since 2009. After 27 years of being a practicing Catholic/Advent calendar enthusiast, I think I've truly found my match in its color scheme and design. And I love that you can use it every year whether or not you've been able to make a pilgrimage to the greatest store in the world.

So this is what I dream of when I think Christmas: aluminum and tinsel and all things merry and bright. What are your favorite ways to get your home ready for Christmas?

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