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Le Peep's Le Pancakes

16 October 2011

Markus and I have always loved Le Peep. His first job was hosting at a few now-closed locations. When Markus was in Dallas at SMU and I would come in and visit from Lubbock, going out to Le Peep for brunch before I headed back was always a special treat. I used to joke that I wanted to get married somewhere on a Saturday morning with some of our family and just get a big table at Le Peep to celebrate. It is seriously that good to me.

My original favorite menu item was the blueberry granola pancakes (I am assuming the title of this blog does not allow for this fact to shock you in any way), but after going gluten-free that changed. For the past year I've always been able to create a breakfast at Le Peep that was gluten-free (they are phenomenal about substitutions) but when they announced that they were rolling out a gluten-free menu Oct 1, I was thrilled! We printed out one of our Groupons and headed over to the Las Colinas location to explore the new menu.

This picture is to show how much Markus loves their endless carafes of coffee and water for each table. It is so nice to be able to pour our your own cups instead of waiting for a refill. The hazelnut coffee has no equal.

Cutting into my Gluten-Free Blueberry Pancakes aka The Moment of Truth

I was actually really in the mood for French Toast since I haven't had them once since going gluten-free, but they were sadly not a menu item, although advertised as a menu item (?). I went with my second runner-up, blueberry pancakes. I cut into the pancakes in the photo above in hopes that you would see the mega-plump juicy, real blueberries that were used. Really brought the flavor! You will want butter for these but after a little dressing up these pancakes were very fluffy, tasty and non-belly ache inducing. I added two scrambled eggs on the side and was a happy camper. 

I was extremely impressed with how Le Peep handled my gluten-free order. You could tell they worked really hard to roll out a gluten-free menu that was celiac safe, free from cross-contamination, which sadly is not always the same thing. In fact, the only downside of the experience was that I heard our waitress apologize to both tables by us for any hold ups on their order and explained "someone put in a gluten-free order and it's just really time consuming because we have to use special utensils, cutting boards...everything."  I was glad she understood the concept, but I kind of picked this restaurant because you are accepting of special kid diets! Made me want to play a Christina Aguleria ballad to myself for the reminder that I am perfect as I am, but my digestive system was too happy to allow for any wallowing. 

Overall: highly recommend it and look forward to trying their other locations! Have you brunched gluten-free lately? I want to hear your recos and reviews!

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