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Moves Like Jackson

20 October 2011

I have a lot of resistance towards traditional exercise. As in so much resistance that I have not run in  four years besides one time that they had Drumstick samples at Costco. I am a class junkie and always interested to find anything that will inspire me to move or sweat for up to an hour. So a few weeks ago when I drove by a shopping center in my neighborhood and saw the bright and cheerful sign for Preston Hollow Dance, I heard it speak to me. I heard it say, "Lilly, Google me when you get home. I might be able to help you fit into your pants without making you want to die a slow death first."

A lover of spontaneous dance (perhaps you remember the Neiman Marcus flash mob), I could not believe my eyes when I read that Preston Hollow Dance not only offered classes for adults but one of them was Michael Jackson night! I was able to attend Thriller Part 1 last night and it was a great workout with lots of stretching and movement but also an amazing opportunity to get some personal instruction on one of my favorite dances. Markus rolled film on one of our practice videos below so you can get an idea for how it all goes down behind the scenes. Try not to be too fearful of our dancing zombie apocalypse!

Could not recommend this class more to anyone who is looking for a new way to work out while also being able to impress their friends and a party or the club, if you know where the club is these days. Knowing the moves to Thriller is a life skill that I am so happy to now claim! If you're *dying* to see more, I can't tell you when a zombie takeover will take place, but I've heard they like to hang at the Step Up Lounge the Wednesday night before Halloween!

For more information about Preston Hollow Dance and their awesome classes for adults, follow them on Twitter at @phdance!

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