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17 October 2011

After an early mass and brunch on Sunday, Markus and I drove over to the Arboretum for a post-pancake stroll. My mom got us a membership last year as a gift and it has been a great place to decompress on the weekends!

I loved the white-on-white with these pumpkins and elephant ears.

There were more kids here to see the pumpkin village than I would imagine at the New York Macy's to see Santa. The moms must have known that this was the last chance to be the first person to put their "toddler with a pumpkin" photos on Facebook for optimal likes! Since baby watching is a competitive sport for Markus and I, this only added to the fun.

Cinderella's carriage!

I was really into the spillage factor on this.

If I had an unlimited fall decorating budget, there would be a pumpkin path to our door for easily confused trick-or-treaters and/or postal workers.

I got a little jealous of the kids so I plopped myself down on this jumbo for a photo op.

All the gorgeous landscaping inspired us to make good on some outdoor projects we've had on our list. First was mulching the lawn. This was pretty revolutionary as we've lived in our home for two years and purchased our mower six months ago. The previous owner of our house had some gorgeous landscaping with native plants that required little upkeep, but it's time to start getting involved so we can continue his gorgeous vision and fully enjoy our home! I wanted the greenest mulch possible that would just naturally enhance what little we had going on. After reading this article I scratched rubber mulch off my list and went with Texas Native: grown locally in Cedar Park, TX, and organic. I also learned today cedar smells amazing and is a natural insect repellent!

A newly mulched flower bed.

The mulch made some of our empty beds look a lot better until we figure out a plan!

We've also been wanting to make a little portico to get our beloved chiminea off the wood deck. This was an hour long, $20 project and we've already made use of it with an outdoor fire!

First we dug a hold about the depth of two garden tiles.

We layed a 60 lb bag of gravel for 4 sq ft x 3 sq ft of tile.

Smoothed some sand over the gravel...

and started laying tile. Engineer boy used his trusty level a lot to get an even surface.

After filling in some of the dirt we have a new sitting area in our backyard in addition to the deck!

I love this new little space and hope to make another one soon for a grill. What kind of fall activities are you up to?

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