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When Markus was pulling long hours finishing school and I was in Dallas working I took a cupcake decorating class to fill in some evening time. It's turned into a mini-ministry and now I love trying new ideas out for friends. If you are a former Tumblr follower you might remember the lions that I made for my sister's best friend (and my friend as well), Melissa. Melissa works as a stylist assisting on shoot for The Book and Cusp as Neiman's, so she had the great idea of doing a butterfly cupcake to match the iconic NM logo!

I remembered this idea for butterfly cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake! and also used a great post on Annie's Eats about the design for assurance that real humans can actually make these. I did The Cake Mix Doctor's strawberry recipe (Melissa is a fellow strawberry cake lover...always utmost respect for a fellow strawberry girl) with a cream cheese icing, hoping that a thicker icing would help anchor the wings. I used a butter knife to marble the melted chocolate so it would be more abstract and left off the antennae since the NM butterfly is more of a silhouette. I was so glad I tried this out even though the idea of making these fragile wings was intimidating and I'm looking forward to trying it again with a toothpick to get a more focused wing design!

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