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Cactus Tacos: A Real Meal on a Weeknight

18 November 2011

The past few weeks have been going by so fast! Between work events, Junior League and some side jobs and an estate sale for family friends, I am going Monday - Friday without getting home until 8 or 9pm. It does not leave me with much time or motivation to make anything for dinner besides cereal. When I saw a completely blank spot on my planner for last night I picked my chin up off the floor and made some plans of my own choosing. After work I did the 5:30 class at Twist Power Yoga to help clear and fight "The Crud" that is going around my office. After that it was straight home to start making real-deal dinner for Markus and I. 
I had never made cactus tacos but the cactus I saw being chopped at Fiesta on Sunday looked so fresh I had to try it. I love eating bell peppers and spicy foods in the winter to keep my sinuses clear. I could have been a real wife and spent the day looking up recipes but I figured they would only give me an ingredients list with a bunch of items on it I didn't have so I decided to instead go home and dig through my pantry and figure it out as I go. If it was awful, I knew for a fact that there was a box of cereal in my pantry waiting for my loyal return.
Cactus Tacos

Ingredients (left to right):
  • Tasty Bite Ginger Lentil Rice (buy online or at Sprout's)
  • Frontera Gluten-Free Taco Skillet Sauce (buy at Sprout's - I keep this and their enchilada sauce in my pantry at all times because it is amazing, goes with everything and is completely ready to go.)
  • One can of corn (I usually buy the Whole Foods 365 Organic brand canned vegetables but I was at Fiesta so the jolly Green Giant made a first-time appearance at our house.)
  • One can Whole Foods 365 Organic refried pinto beans with lime and chile
  • Fresh cut cactus (from Fiesta)
  • Corn tortillas

I put the beans in their own pot to heat up, boiled water and began cooking the rice per the instructions on the bag, put the tortillas in the oven and then dumped the cactus, corn and skillet sauce in my big pan and put a lid on it on high heat for about ten minutes. After you turn the heat off the burner with the cactus let it sit for a few minutes. The vegetables absorbed the sauce and it added a lot of flavor! The Frontera sauce totally made the meal for me. I love finding items like that where you can just keep it around and enhance anything in a moment. Especially when they are soooo tasty.

Here we are sitting down to a real meal with our friend the Virgin of Guadalupe. She declared the phenomenon an official weekday miracle.

A little Horizon organic shredded cheese for the lady.

There you have it! We will be making plenty more trips to the Fiesta for fresh cactus - these tacos were a major hit with us and Little Child, who threw herself into the garbage can for some leftovers. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. ooooh, yum! i want some tacos! i've never tried cactus before, but i am so intrigued, i bet it's good. :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. Looks so yum! Gonna try it soon! Thank you for sharing!
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