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Candy Land Christmas pt. 1 - Peppermint Projects

27 November 2011

This year is the very first year for a Christmas tree and lights at the newlywed chateau. I was so excited and when I looked at some of the ornaments I had collected over the year's and what I was liking at the stores this year, I could easily sense a trend: candy! I currently have a few last items en route to me to complete my Dylan's Candy Bar inspired tree, but until then I wanted to show you a few of the crafts I worked on while watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving to give our new tree some candy cred.

First, I found this peppermint ornament on the Martha Stewart website and thought I could definitely use it to enhance my tree and also bring as gifts to some of the tree trimmings I'll be attending with my Junior League girlfriends over the next few weeks. 

Project Checklist:

Starlight Mints 
Red Hots
Red Ribbon 
Low-Temp Glue Gun
Optional but not Really Optional: Pei Wei Mandarin Orange Green Tea aka "Lilly's Crack Tea"

Martha uses icing to bond her ornaments, but I've never met a glue gun project I didn't like so I used my handy glue gun. Just a dab of glue on each side of the mint (5 total make up the mini star/wreath) and a Red Hot in the middle for garnish. 

Another dab of glue on the back of the mints lets you loop around the ribbon for hanging on a tree or jazzing up a present! 

Since these are made of unwrapped candy, I've thought of picking up a spray can of shellac to help it last and avoid stickyness. I will let you know if I follow through and how that helps the ornament turn out! 

The ornaments made a really cute addition to my tree and will be gracing others soon! I had some starlight mints left over so I kept my glue gun in use and glued cellophane ends together to make a long garland for my tree. I am really happy with how it turned out! 

This was such a fun and easy afternoon craft that I hope spreads joy to others throughout the season. I can't wait to finish my tree this week and put it up on the blog! What Holiday projects are you working on at home?

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  1. Too cute! I love the idea and I think a coat of shellac certainly wouldn't hurt. Let us know if it works well!


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