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Giving Thanks & Good Karma

28 November 2011

Since Sistah had to work the day after Thanksgiving, my mom went down to Austin and we rescheduled Thanksgiving for yesterday afternoon. In our petite family we have three people who do not eat gluten (two of those being severely celiac), a vegan and a pescatarian. My mom makes amazing mashed potatoes, sweet corn, garden salads and pies. She also orders the best Goodies from Goodman smoked turkeys. However, some favorite sides such as casseroles and stuffing (called dressing at our house) can be a science experiment. Thankfully for families like us around the Metroplex, Good Karma Kitchen has been rolling out their gluten-free and vegetarian dishes (pun intended - they operate out of a chic and eco-friendly food truck) and did a special Thanksgiving catering menu. I met one of the cute girls of Good Karma on Saturday to pick up my order and loved all of the colors of their truck! 

Check out that seriously immaculate kitchen! One of the biggest concerns for severe celiacs like my sister and mom who cannot process even the tracest amounts of gluten is cross-contamination from restaurants that say they are gluten-free but are actually using those same cooking utensils on foods with gluten. It is awesome to have a resource in the area that is completely gluten-free. 

We ordered the herb cherry stuffing, which was devoured at our family table and described by the bunch as "savory," "moist," and "flavorful." I also got a few servings of the broccoli rice casserole. This was definitely my favorite dish as the table. My mom described the casserole as "fresh" and I agree - for a dish that was made and delivered on Saturday and then heated up on Sunday, it very much tasted like we had bought the broccoli at the Farmer's Market that morning and just taken it out of the oven that afternoon. Both dishes only required 15-20 minutes in the oven before being ready to serve and came with very friendly and idiot-proof heating instructions. 

I am already looking forward to this Saturday when Good Karma Kitchen will be celebrating their grand opening in Fort Worth at the Food Truck Festival! I am also going to be checking their website come December to put in my Christmas order with plenty of time. I've heard some of the girls' ideas for what they are cooking up and am already dreaming of a Holiday table filled with gluten-free goodness! 

Follow Good Karma Kitchen on Twitter @KarmaKitchenDFW to see where they're at and up to and get updates on their catering menus. 


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