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30 November 2011

My mother, Sistah and I had a wedding to attend on Saturday. Since Sistah has all of her wedding parties and showers coming up as well we decided to do a little beauty counter exploration that afternoon at Neiman Marcus Northpark with our trusted adviser, Bobby. You must ask for Bobby when shopping cosmetics at NM NP - he is a sales executive and has access to every counter so he can pull "the best of the best" from each to customize a plan or palette for you. Due to my mom's celiac she cannot use any products with wheat germ and he is meticulous about going through the ingredients for each item he recommends to her and making sure it won't react with her skin. Bobby and my mom and her mom (my Nannie) even swap prayer intentions. Three words describe this darling man: above and beyond.

My take away from the afternoon was Guerlain's Rouge Automatique 170 Nuit d'Amour lipstick. It transformed my whole look to very vintage glam and stayed on all night with a very moisturized-looking gleam. I met a dear friend from college last night at Bolsa and all I needed to take my work outfit to an evening dinner with a swipe of this lipstick. I know it looks really dark in the tube but it actually goes on a rich yet sheer red.

I am so excited for my personal piece of holiday cheer. I am going to be sporting this to all of my holiday parties!

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