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Going Vintage for our Veterans

11 November 2011

My office was closed for Veteran's Day today, so I had the privilege of walking as part of the American Red Cross group in the Dallas Veteran's Day Parade downtown. It was such a fun experience - the streets were literally lined with Veterans and servicemen and women and it was a unique opportunity to be able to thank each one personally as we walked by.

I had this song running through my head the whole time, by the way..

As a greenie and amateur fashionista, I have always had a love for vintage clothing. How amazing are these vintage Red Cross nurse's uniforms that they dressed some of the volunteers in? I think mine was from around WWII, because I am a history expert - and by that I mean I have watched A League of Their Own almost a million times and the silhouette seems really familiar to those costumes. Such a fun morning and a great excuse to wear bright red lipstick before noon!

Happy Veteran's Day!

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  1. Oops - please forgive me if this is a repeat, but I think Blogger just ate my comment. What i was trying to say is:

    This is such a nice way to honor our vets. The red sneaks are kickass. Well played all around.


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