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Introducing the Supper Time Concert Series: The Journey of a 15 Minute Meal

13 November 2011

Markus and I have been going a million miles a minute and the wheels to the fast train came to a screeching halt this morning when for the first time in weeks we had no alarm to wake up to or location that we were committed to be at. We thought we would celebrate this milestone with one of my favorite things: an uncomplicated meal at our real dining room table. Turns out a fifteen minute meal becomes quite the journey when you're immensely relaxed, curious and a tad attention deficit. The journey for the Neubauers to make Oh She Glow's creamy avocado pasta begins below!

First, we realized none of our avocados were ripe so we went to the trusted Fiesta. I completely freaked out when I saw this woman chopping fresh cactus in the middle of the produce section. I grabbed a bag for veggie tacos or Mexican salad this week - stay tuned!

Elotes - my favorite post-shopping, pre-cooking snack. Mine is on the right with butter, parmesean, cayenne and lemon pepper. Veganhead's is left with cayenne and chili sauce. 


All our ingredients for Oh She Glow's Creamy Avocado Pasta. De Boles' gluten free pasta with flax is so choice, FYI. I think gluten free noodles retain water more so I always go with Angel Hair.

Oftentimes when we are cooking at home, Markus will pass the time as something simmers or boils by giving me a suppertime serenade. This week's was such a crowd favorite that I had to share! Click below to see the first installment of our video Suppertime Concert Series. 

Pretty cute, huh?

Finished product! Turned out great. The lightness was a good change from the usual heavy red sauce. I loved hitting a good chunk of raw garlic here or there. 

Usually I thumb my nose at Markus' vegan cheese products, but this Eat in the Raw Vegan Parmesan is no joke. The chipotle cayenne has a lot of interesting flavor and added some final pizzazz to the dish. 

That wraps it up for our weekend! Would you want to see more Suppertime Concerts going forward? Markus is trying to learn a new song on the ukulele a week so he would love an audience! Even if it is through the power of YouTube. 

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