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Let's Get Physical - Living Room Edition

10 November 2011

Last month one of the General Membership Meetings at Junior League was about blogging. Knowing that I wanted to be working more on my slice of the cyberworld, I was very excited to attend (and let's be honest, get some more provisional year requirements out of the way). It was a great night to spark up conversation before the meeting because if you were at the meeting, you were most likely a blog reader or enthusiast!

I was so fortunate to have plopped down behind Whitnee, the gorgeous and personable author of Get and Stay Fit, an amazing personal training resource for women of all shapes and athletic ability. Since I am a DVD enthusiast a person who is able to usually muster the motivation to workout if I attend a class or use a DVD, I asked Whitnee for her top favorites. Lucky for us Whitnee does use DVDs quite a bit and was generous enough to supply her two cents on the best in the biz and why. I also include the top three in my current rotation with a little description as to why I am still hitting the play button on these.

Whitnee's top three:

Women's Health: Total Workout in 10--- "Because, really, who doesn't have 10 minutes?"

Bellydance Fitness--- "A little cheesey but it's fun!"

Jillian Micheals: 30 Day Shred--- "I can't belive I'm admitting to this, but it really is a good and entertaining workout."

My top three:

Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis - I bought this when I really really needed to kickstart my fitness program. The calendaar tracker, measuring tape and DVD guides really helped me stay accountable! And I still do the cardio DVD a la carte all the time. Since it's very follow along and doesn't require audio instruction, I mute it and blare Britney Spears Pandora or the like. Lost 2 inches in 6 weeks and I followed the program pretty loosely! I have not signed up for the monthly program but could see myself doing it for 2-3 moths to get some new DVDs.

Bethenny Skinnygirl Workout - Her yoga DVDs have a really good flow without being too hard where you want to walk away or too easy where you feel like you didn't do anything. You can also select 15 mintues of the workout at a time without losing the flow, which is perfect for me since I workout in the morning and also love my snooze button. At least I did something - which happens to be Bethenny's credo!

Exhale Core Fusion Body Sculpt - Another one with great chapter selection. Perfect for if I want to just walk the dog as my "exercise" but have about 20 minutes to do some inner thigh and arm work. I also have their bootcamp but haven't even opened the packing yet.

I love fitness DVDs because there is no gym commute or outdoor elements to make excuses for you, and the cost of a DVD (usually less than $20) is comparable to a drop in class at a local boutique studio but you can always go back and play it again if you fall in love. So what is your favorite way to work out? If you have a favorite fitness DVD let me know so I can add it to my growing collection!

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  1. I love yoga! I've been wanting to try Bethenny's DVD for a while--I've heard only good things about it!

    P.S. Thanks so much for the follow! Hope your week is going well!


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