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A Love Letter: to Costco

06 November 2011

When sharing with friends my desire to be as organic, vegetarian, gluten-free and green as possible, I am sometimes asked if my choices are time consuming and/or expensive. And I find that it's not. That's what I enjoy so much - that often a more sustainable and healthy solution is sitting in front of me. Awesome news for me because if my desired lifestlye was costly or time cosuming I probably would not be able to have the life I enjoy so much. That is why one of my greatest romances, behind my husband and my dog, is my love affair with my Costco membership! There are amazing eco-friendly and organic choices up and down every aisle of the florescent lit warehouse I call Heaven Costco. In addition to our twice monthly grocery visits, we have our home and car insurance with Costco and usually turn to them first when researching home improvement projects for what supplies they might carry. Since our grocery list is what really makes the difference for us, I've laid out some of our must-haves below.

Twice monthly produce must haves:
- 40lbs of organic carrots (for daily morning juicing)
- 10lb bag of lemons (also for daily morning juicing)
- a box of whatever organic berries are in season for salads, cereal and snacking
- 3 bags of Haas avacados for salads, dips and Mexican dishes
- bags or boxes oranges or clementines for on-the-go snacks
- organic fuji, gala and/or green apples to grate for apple pancakes or throw into my bag for work and on-the-go snacks

Other favorites and staples:

Austin's Own Barbecue Sauce: Perfectly spicy and sweet, locally made by super nice people (I have emailed them before just to tell them how good this is). Gluten-free and zero high fructose corn syrup!

I've blogged about Tasty Bite's awesome products before. There are few meals that cannot benefit from some of these amazing lentils poured on them. We put them over tortilla chips with salsa and avocado at least once a week for healthy nachos. One of our favorite meals and it takes less than 10 minutes!

This is the best salsa in the world besides maybe the one that my grandmother's country club uses. Except my grandmother's country club's salsa is probably not also organic, so this really is the best salsa in the world. Amazing roasted flavor!

A great soup for hatch chile green cheese on Udi's gluten-free bread with Tasty Bite's Bombay Potatoes (also at Costco). Vegetarian, organic and gluten-free!

May I please be in love with a toilet paper? Fine, I can. Costco carries Marcal's toilet tissue and paper towels made from recycled paper products and they are awesome. I've used them for years through Costco and have never noticed a difference from "regular" products in usability or price. 

I keep these Zico coconut waters super cold in the refrigerator and then chug one after a good living room fitness DVD session! Sooo good and the potassium prevents muscle soreness. 

A complete and happy cart! The Clif bars are Markus'. The gluten-free Clif products that I eat are Luna Protein (mint chocolate chip) and C bars, mostly just when I'm travelling and not carried by Costco - yet! 

These are some of the great ways we are able to keep healthy-for-the-most-part diets without breaking the bank thanks to Costco! What do you do to get healthy foods into the grocery budget?

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