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21 November 2011

Being a Muppet fan is an intrinsic part of who I am. I explain it to Markus that as I came into cognitive memory I knew that something happened from before I could remember that caused me to love the Muppets. In fact, one of my very first memories was when we lived in our first house (I moved out of this home when I was three if this helps you get an idea of how young I was) and I would not get dressed so I did not get to see Miss Piggy at the library.

Needless to say, ever since a little over two years ago when I heard Jason Segel was getting the gang back together for another movie I've been filled with nervous energy and anticipation. I Heart Cinema hosts some amazing advance screenings in the Dallas area and cut my sleepless nights by a few days. They threw such the perfect party I could not have pictured it better in my mind.

Before the movie started, the I Heart Cinema guys threw a little Muppet dancing showcase. Performers were selected by who in the crowd happened to be wearing Muppets apparel. Lucky for us all, I was wearing one of my favorite Muppet shirts. Not my most composed Muppet dancing per se, but I believe I was really able to convey the joy of the sport to my audience. For every confused face I felt at least one person convert to the craft and spiritual journey that is the dance.

As for the movie, it could not have been better. Jason Segel did a phenomenal job and has made me feel uncomfortable by how much I now feel indebted to a famous person. For every yuck there was a perfectly heartfelt moment. For every dance number there was a reference to the fourth wall. I felt like I was catching up with my childhood best friends. I cried through permagrin which I believe to be one of the most pure emotional phenomenons. My favorite part of a Muppet movie are the cameos and these did not disappoint.  can't wait to talk about them with you but I did not stay off of imdb for 24 months to ruin the fun for you my friends. 

Tonight I believe in tasteful silliness and having best friends and fart shoes. Thank you, I Heart Cinema and Muppet Studios for making it possible! 

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  1. Oh. My. God. Lucky duck!

    I can't wait to see this movie! I'm so glad you're giving it a good review. I was seriously nervous about it when I heard Frank Oz wasn't going to do Miss Piggy and that the jokes were turning out to be "modern." I didn't want my muppet memories tarnished! I'm so happy to heard that they stay true to the muppet spirit. Yay! Ok, going to watch trailer again and cry a little bit.


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