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11 November 2011

I had such a fun time at the Jean Paul Gaultier preview for DMA members tonight! It is such a landmark event for our city as both a fashion and art capital. I considered it an honor to be at one of its initial unvelings.

There is no photography allowed in the exhibit which is a huge blessing as there is no way the complete experience could translate into a single image. From having seen almost every exhibit at the DMA for the past two to three years, I was so surprised at how indistinguishable the space was. I truly kept forgetting that I was in Dallas. Markus loved the mannequins with projected faces that made expressions and spoke to you as you went through the space. I cannot recommend this experience enough in terms of the actual creations which are magnificent (my favorite was the calfskin beaded brown ball gown) and the curation of the space. I just left and am so excited to go back already!

The exhibit opens to the public Sunday and you can still see a preview tomorrow by becoming a member. What do you think? Is this exhibit something you will be attending? Why or why not? And should we grab some lunch and go together?

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