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Practice Safe Snacking

21 November 2011

There are people who sit at their desk all day and type and their computers gleefully without munching at their desk before and after lunch. I know, I've watched them do it. And to those people: I applaud you. I, on the other hand, am an office wiggle worm and there's only one thing (legally) I can do to keep myself focused on my work screen - munchin'.

Since the area directly left of my laptop continuously hosts a revolving door of snacks, I try to keep them as healthy as possible. I read Skinny Bitch a few years ago and one of the take homes for me is the great benefit of eating a raw vegetable or piece of fruit about 45 minutes before a meal. I keep organic apples and sometimes organic oranges (if I'm not eating the skin I don't worry too much about a piece of produce being organic - I buy both of these items at Costco, by the way) at my desk and usually have one towards the end of my morning so when I start thinking about lunch the words "Taco Bell" don't appear in the frontal lobes of my brain out of delusional hunger.

I also buy ginormous bags of organic baby carrots at Costco and split them up throughout the week. After about a week on this new afternoon snack routine I realized my wastepaper basket was filling up with empty plastic bags that were barely used. I went a little green queen on my house and came home that night and made our home a "Ziploc bag-free zone." I bought this Lunchskins in the cooking gadgets aisle of Whole Foods for about two dollars less than I was seeing them go for online (plus no shipping, my friends). The adorable crab print makes me day dream that I am actually on the wrap around porch at my home in Nantucket, having a little snack before we dive into the lobster bisque and crab cakes. A girl can daydream.

I have also been attempting to be good with the coffee lately, as in scale back to times of Pumpkin Spice Latte emergency only, so these teas have been in my pantry, work desk drawer and purses as I go into recovery. The YogiTea Refreshing Mint Revitalize has 77mg of caffiene compared to 90mg in a cup of coffee and the peppermint flavor is a great morning wakeup. I do the green tea after lunch to shake me from my food coma and get me back into the work groove.

Every work snacker knows though, that the true test of healthy work snacking is avoiding the office treats and birthday cake cuttings. This is rampant at my office and I avoid this by keeping a bag of the amazing Hail Merry Chocolate Macroons nearby in the work refrigerator (hidden in a bag so no one steals them). These raw, gluten-free, vegan treats are so rich and pure that just one is enough to ward off the advances of a slew of gross but tempting store bought cakes with shortening icing. I can seriously enjoy one of these and have the delectable flavor and texture last with me all day. I buy one bag when I'm grocery shopping on the weekend and the last me through the whole week, because seriously, they are so good you don't need more than one.

Every job I've started at since college someone has joked to me that I will inevitably gain the "(insert company name here) 15"." Which may be true, but this healthy snacking keeps me more focused since I don't have to use my energy to fight off perservatives and gluteny crud and feeling good about myself during the work day.

What are your tips for getting through the work day without that 2pm meltdown or the temptation to jump into the vat of desserts that walk through the front doors each morning?


  1. I just packed a baggie of carrots for my snack for tomorrow too! TWNISIESSSSSSS

  2. This is a fabulous entry, but I have to say I got confused (and amazed) about a certain detail: do you occasionally eat the skins of oranges? I may have read it wrong, but if this is true, I am fascinated and you are even more awesome than I thought.

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