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Super Satuday: Photos from my iPhone

13 November 2011

Such a fun and relaxing Saturday after going nonstop and working though the last few ones! My iPhone photos turned out to be a visual log of most of our activities. Top picks follow below.

Vegan BLT and Peanut sandwhiches from the Jackalope food truck. Put into Spring Rolls just for us to avoid gluten overload. A delicious start to Saturday night!

I texted my mom this photo on Saturday to show her that I was wearing the Laura Merkin clutch she gave me for my birthday. Do I look like one of those hip fashion bloggers?

A perfect lunch at home on Saturday: Udi's gluten free grilled cheese, Tasty Bite Bombay Potatoes (from Costco), steamed organic broccoli (Costco), organic salsa (take a guess) and fresh made guac. With a chilled La Croix berry flavored sparkling water! 

Rhett Miller at the CF Concert Series. He covered one of my favorite songs, originally written by Woody Guthrie and composed by Wilco and Billy Bragg. 

The O's getting the party started at the Granada! We have their tunes on a constant loop at our place.

And, yes, I did impulse buy a twistie turban at CVS on Saturday. And, yes, I am obsessed.

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