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Candyland Christmas pt. 2 - The Candy Tree

01 December 2011

After many years of not being able to justify its cost on top of buying gifts and wrapping up the year, I was ready for my big girl Christmas tree this year. I would love a real tree that I could mulch after the Epiphany, but I was allergic to them when I was younger and I work for a non-profit that teaches fire safety and has done an excellent job of convincing me that ADD Christmas tree owners get their houses burned down. 

My tree could be faux, but it had to be flocked. Not white, but green and covered in crazy fake snow. My tree trimming memories consist of going with my grandfather and my sister in his Lincoln Towncar down the street to the Wolfe nursery and getting a huge flocked tree every year and filling it with bright blue lights and mismatched glass ornaments. Every time I see a pruned and elegant tree I think of how unfortunate it would look next to the chaotic, mid-century majesty of my grandfather's retro creations. 

Last year I took a trip to New York during Christmastime and went to Dylan's Candy Bar. We get some of her candy here at Neiman Marcus and have had a pop-up shop at Northpark before but nothing compares to her flagship store. Everything is bright, everything is whimsical and everything is about the candy. When I started thinking about my big girl tree I made a little vision board in my mind and realized I wanted it to match perfectly with the Dylan's Candy Bar Candy Cottage Advent Calendar (which was available a month ago) so I could buy that for my place as well and bring New York to Dallas. The coincidence would be that as I finished the tree I learned that these adorable houses are no longer made so having my complete set is a long shot, but I am grateful for the inspiration! 

I got the cute lollipop ornaments that remind me of the Dylan's logo at Target - where they are $2 each! My mini menagerie of ornaments are from Markus, who gifts me with a Jonathan Adler ornament each year. I am really excited to see if Santa brings me another addition this year and what it might be! 

My tree all set up in our funky little living room. I love the bright felt ornaments in the traditional Dylan's color scheme. I randomly bought those years ago proving you can only connect the [candy] dots looking backwards! And yes, there is a framed (and signed) photo of Tim DeLaughter in my living room. Someone needs to remind me to follow the day and reach for the sun as I leave for work each morning.
The candy striped skirt is from Lowe's

The gingerbread cookie tree topper from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland takes the cake for me. My heart jumped when I found it and I tracked this item on UPS every day until it arrived. If you're going to be materialistic it should at least be about something as fun as a gingerbread cookie tree topper. Very, very cute. The only quirk is it is about 100lbs so I had to jerry rig it to the tree to stay upright. Thankfully I enjoy Chinese takeout so I had a bunch of chopsticks that I could zip tie it to. Tres chic, oui?

I love the beginnings of Christmas Candy Land at the newlywed nest and cannot wait to add to it each year! How do you decorate for the Holidays? Do you pull a little bit of a theme or just go wild?

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  1. Beautiful decoration! I fell like a little girl when decorating Christmas tree.


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