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09 December 2011

My love/hate relationship with work travel continues. Love it because of all the new people I get to meet and how quickly the week goes by when you're on the move. Kind of hate it because there is a lot of gross chain restaurant food out there and I am no good at sleeping alone in a hotel room (I've been known to take all of the mobile furniture in a hotel room and pile in front of the door to ensure my room is wierdo-free through the night. Did I mention I work for a non-profit that teaches fire safety? Not the best idea.) This week's trip was a great experience but I am so glad to be back in the D!

While I was on the road Samarra of Just Arting Around let me know that she'd mentioned me on her blog. I used her Otomi Fabric on Spoonflower to make a window valance for the dining room bookshelves and reading nook I had built last year. I love her designs and feel like the fabric brought all my hippie hodgepodge together! What do you think? I love Spoonflower's fun prints on organic cotton and am getting a Christmas giftcard to there for my 10 year-old sister-in-law who loves to design clothes for herself and her Barbies!

I was also out for the launch of Dallas Contemporary's pop-up shop this week but got over there today as soon as I could. Their back gallery is filled with coffee table books, signed and numbered prints and fresh award-winning salsa that was used at their Jennifer Rubell Legends event. I picked up two tickets to their upcoming Phenomenon event and eyed some gifts for my artistic friends and family members. The pop-up is open now through Sunday so you still have time to get a unique gift where 100% of the proceeds help to bring contemporary art to our community through the gallery space, events and their Art Think educational program for children and teens. Some of my favorite finds from my visit are below.

Limited edition prints by Vernon Fisher and Linda Ridgway. Framed and ready for my your wall!

State Fair winning salsa made for Jennifer Rubell's interactive exhibit at Dallas Contemporary last fall. I am always trying to convince my friends that I am artsy, local and a foodie - this says it all at $5 a jar!

Some stunning coffee table books available at the Pop-Up Shop. Thank you, Tom Ford, for making the coffee table book a status symbol. These are a great way to show your family that you are smart and artsy and think that they are as well - acknowledgement of mutual literary smugness is one of the highest complitments one can bestow.

Speaking of being artistic and a foodie, I can't wait to relax at home tonight with a bowl of gluten-free cereal and almond milk with my pup while we watch The Help from redbox. What are you all up to this weekend?

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  1. Hotels freak me out big time! Even when I'm not alone in the rooms haha!


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