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Have a Healthy and Happy Holiday!

23 December 2011

Photo by Amanda Curtis Jameson


A four-day weekend with lots of time to relax and cherish my favorite two people: Markus and Little Child!
 (Yes, dogs are people. Just not human beings.)

I am really looking forward to the days ahead. Usually during the Holidays I completely let myself go in terms of food and exercise, but this year I'm casually striving to be a little more conscious. Here are my principles that I'm hoping will have me looking like my normal self instead of some bloated Christmas casualty next week on New Year's Eve.

Cleanse As You Go - I have a jar of organic, 100% pure cranberry juice in my refrigerator that I'm drinking as "dessert" after meals since it has such strong cleansing properties. I'm also enjoying a nightly mug of Dandelion Root tea with my beloved 30 Rock reruns for the same reasons. Not an aggressive cleanse but two simple things that help me waking up feeling refreshed in the morning. 

 No Workout Too Small - I am not a "normal" person who can just tie up running shoes and burn some quick calories pounding pavement. This time of year is filled with wonky gym hours and class cancellations, which can start to mess with my workouts. Fitness DVDs are my best friend this time of year. If we have a morning activity and I can' do a whole DVD, half of one is better than no workout at all. Working out helps me feel relaxed when I'm sitting on my grandma's sofa for multiple hours or sitting at a table with a smidge too much food on my plate. I'm probably getting more mental than physical benefits but who ever said that was so bad for you? My list of favorite workout DVDs are here. 

The Raw Truth - I feel sooo much better when I incorporate raw fruits and vegetables in with my Holiday treats. Thankfully most gatherings we go to have some sort of veggie tray or salad, so I can grab some carrots or celery before dip and chocolate time. Again, might be more mental than physical but it makes me feel a lot less heavy. I also try to keep our regular morning juicing schedule. We do carrots, beets, kale, lemon and ginger every morning and it makes a huge difference in how I feel during the day. Even if I completely fall of the wagon later I know a lot of nutrients got to hit my stomach on empty that morning! 

Not anything more than I do on a normal day but not a huge break from routine either. Feeling healthy makes me a happy person which means I am in a better mood to enjoy the days and my friends and family. What are your tips to stay smiling through the weekend? 

Thank you so much for your friendship, follows and comments as I began my mini-journey with the blog this year. It has been so fun to learn more about the many interesting people I share space on the planet with and to hear from you all about what's on your mind! 

Merry Everything and Peace on Earth! 
~The Neubauers 

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