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Hello, Huntsville, TX

20 December 2011

This weekend included one of my favorite things - a trip to Huntsville to visit Markus' cousin Amanda and her family! I love going to Huntsville. Since that is where our state prison happens to be, it reminds me of when Holly GoLightly goes to SingSing and Fred Baby says, "just visiting of course." I love some tasteful criminal justice humor.

We stayed with Amanda at her cozy bed and breakfast, Smither's B&B, and partied and steam showered at her yoga/dance retreat center/art gallery, Crazywood. Markus' favorite uncle (and close race for favorite family member - probably tied with younger brother Lukas) and aunt were in town visiting as well so it was a relaxing and entertaining mini-reunion. Markus talks to Uncle Marty at least a few times a week but we haven't been able to see him since our wedding so this was a big treat for both of us. It was actually my first time to meet my Aunt Lynette!

I am always inspired at Amanda's so it is very commonplace for me to be walking around in my pajamas taking pictures on my phone of her walls, nooks and crannies. One of my favorite things in the world are her pearlescent paint colors on the walls and ceilings and they way she outlines the architecture of her kitchen with some mirror tiles that she purchased at a craft store.

While my photos are a little elementary, her guest space is featured online and you can follow this link to get the full tour. It is seriously one of the most inspiring and nurturing spaces I've ever been in.

We took Uncle Marty's Corgi, Galahad on a morning walk on Sunday. Right down the street from the B&B is a little block of houses designed by Dan Phillips of the Phoenix Commotion. Dan works against the typical waste brought on by mass construction and creates his homes and projects out of repurposed materials. I love this house and its mismatched shingles that were acquired through other projects and landfills. I think waking up in this house every day would be like living in a Grimm's fairy tale!

We were honored to be able to attend Amon's 5th birthday at Crazywood while we were in town. His party featured a pinata, face painting, an art station and the most insane cake I have ever seen. Not one birthday meltdown by any of the children at the party! This never happens at Dallas kid parties. It must be all that fresh, country air.

Somewhere over the weekend's conversation I mentioned that in my family growing up if someone left after a weekend together, everyone would line the walk and "wave with their hats and wave with their aprons." Aunt Lyenette gathered some aprons together and family and friends gave me a surprise sendoff! I could not have imagined a more perfect way of knowing how included and loved I was in my husband's family. Can you ask for anything more than that?

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