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13 December 2011

There are a few links today that I wanted to share with you!

Two places that I usually love but try to avoid between Thanksgiving and New Year's are Costco and Northpark. I inevitably go to each place at least once during this time period (especially to fulfill my annual requirement of watching one of my favorite Holiday traditions - Scrooge at Northpark!) and I was very happy to find this article on Dallas Vegan that gives a run down on all of the vegan-friendly dining spots in the shopping and arts center. A happy and well-fed husband makes for a less exacerbating shopping experience! Check out their list here.

While the Holidays do mean crowded commercialism, they also signal the time to reflect back on another year completed and enjoyed. I was honored to be chosen to submit a guest blog at The Granada's website about my favorite concert of 2011. Can you guess what show it was?

The last thing to share is my new favorite Tuesday timewaster - Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free's Slightly Indulgent Tuesday linkup. I added my gluten-free, vegan pumpkin pie and can't wait to look through more of the recipes tonight!

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