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New Year's Additions

30 December 2011

The idea of never doing something again completely freaks me out. I'm historically awful at dieting because the moment I think about not eating one thing is the moment I begin obsessing over it. I've learned the trick for me is to stop subtracting the bad and start adding more good, to where I'm too happy and distracted to give into temptation. Even though, as we were all taught by Laterian, it's fun to do bad things. I pretty much wake up each morning and begin day-long negotiations with myself that it's pretty fun, and much more rewarding, to do good things too. Therefore, my New Year's resolutions are more like additions to my life in 2012. Small ways that I can change my life for the better, and hopefully have a little more fun as well.

Addition #1 - More Good Food From Good People

So at our house we choose to eat vegetarian foods that are also gluten-free. Which means we eat soo many healthy fruits and vegetables, right? RIGHT?? Or do we just eat a lot of nachos and the same 3-4 vegetables that we currently know how to prep and cook? I'll never tell. But did join the Urban Acres produce co-op this week as one of our New Year's resolutions. You can do full or half shares and there are pickup locations all over the Dallas area. We're doing the half share and I am really looking forward to getting to know what produce is in season when, learning how to cook new foods by the subtle force of them appearing in my refrigerator every other week and hopefully even getting to know some people in our area that are interested in eating well and supporting local causes at the pickups. I can't tell myself to stop eating bad foods, but I can make  exploring healthy food choices a fun, family affair. Here goes nothing.

Addition #2 -  Reintroduction Of A Fun Pastime From My Youth That Involves Physical Activity (Take Two)

Last Christmas Bethenny (I am not hyperlinking Bethenny - you need to know who she is if we're going to have a healthy blog relationship.) was on Skating with the Stars, an ice-skating spinoff of Dancing with the Stars. I was kind of addicted to this show, as in I would lock myself in the private bathroom at my former office and sit on the floor and watch YouTube videos of the routines to hold me over until the next week. I'm pretty sure I was the only person in America watching this show and that I cried on the finale. This inspired me to take ice skating lessons last winter. I loved skating when I was little and I was really giddy to go back. Turns out skating is really hard as an adult, but it was really fun too and amazing cardio. I also loved riding horses when I was younger and got to do so often enough living in Kentucky and Ecuador. I've always wanted to learn how to ride English so I could feel like my hero, Jackie Kennedy Onassis (obviously). I just bought a Groupon for a pack of four English riding lessons! I cannot wait to begin this!

Addition #3 - The Totally Random Goal That Is A Long Shot But You Hope Works Outs (Take Two)

So last year this resolution was the Neiman Marcus flashmob. So, so fun. This year I feel as though my goal is far less attainable but far more admirable. My New Year's resolution is to join The Polyphonic Spree. It's more like my personal project of 2012. I'm willing to audition, attend all rehearsals, make my own robe, whatever it takes. I just really want to know and say that I was able to contribute some of my energy to one of my favorite bands. So, anyone know how I get to pull this off? I should adverise here that I have long hair (seems like a must for female Polyphonic Spree members), I am good at picking up willowy dance moves and I play an amazing tambourine. Tim DeLaughter - I'm here for the movement. I mean, I have to work and probably can't go on tour but just one show is all I need to make my whole life feel meaningful. Take a chance on an unknown quasi-hippy.

So that's what I got so far re: ways I think I can make 2012 awesome. What are you thinking for New Year's resolutions? Anyone else trying to eat better, learn something new or join a prestigious rock group?


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