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06 December 2011


So Pinterest is kind of amazing. Everyone on Pinterest is a classier, craftier, more fashionable version of their true selves and they are all going to have perfect weddings and be amazing parents according to their pins. Any pin for a craft that looks remotely interesting and would be accomplished by me in some miraculous event is captioned "super easy tailored sweater with hood made from an old t-shirt" or the like. Life is super easy and DIY on Pinterest. It is a magical land. Also, people on Pinterest are really into doing their nails and are really good at it apparently.

When I had a friend's wedding shower coming up, I decided that I would make actually make a Pinterest project and impress everyone there. I was the first of my generation to get married so at these showers I feel a little bit required to make domestic life look as easy yet intimidating as a Pinteret project, when the reality is most days my house is covered in laundry and I am worried that Little Child is going to die from preferring household objects for snacks over her organic dog food.

My mom used to make diaper cakes for showers when I was younger and people always loved them. I love using dish towels at home (they are so easy to wash and save so much money compared to always using paper towels!) so when I found a dish towel cake on Pinterest for wedding showers I was excited to give it a try. The cutting board base and spatulas are off of the bride's registry and the towels and other kitchen accessories are added flair. It was a hit at the party and I got to brag about how I really make crafts off of Pinterest.

What aspects of your Pinterest life have you been making a reality lately? Link them back using the button above from The Vintage Apple for "Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays!"


  1. haha - I love your description of pinners. It's so true! That's why I'm always fascinated with myself when I actually do the DIY in real life! :) I've recently committed to doing the around the house DIY's, like learning how to make all purpose cleaner. :)

  2. So obsessed with Pinterest!!! and of course LOVE what you made. But you are very good at DIY. I'm trying out a wreath out of ornaments... I'll let you know how it goes!


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