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31 January 2012

Sistah sent me a video today. I am so glad she did and I am also glad I was at home for lunch when she sent it.

Please enjoy it for yourself by taking a look below.

Love it because: her top is cute. (Possesssionista has the deets on it) Also love that she just came to know a secret her partner had planned for her and immediately felt guilt-stricken about it, as this happens all the time with Markus and I. The crying over anything that is remotely sad or exciting? I mean, I can relate.

If you need proof that I really am an easy cryer, here is a photo of me right after watching the video that I sent to Sistah with my thanks for the referral.

My ugly crying face is why I would be casting gold on The Bachelor and also why I would never go on it. That and the way that I value myself as a human. So both of those reasons together, honestly.

So, any more YouTube recommendations for me?

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  1. ohmygoodness. I DIED when I watched that video. DIED! The double rainbow video had me laughing last year, but this one takes the cake! Your picture makes me smile to--it would be perfect for the Bachelor hahahaha. LOVE that show! thank you for the laughs tonight :) xoxo {av}


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