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Dallas Day Dating

30 January 2012

Markus and I had a relaxing yet adventurous day date on Saturday. I love day dating because you can have a few plans but stay flexible and it's just more easy going. Markus and I's first date was coffee at 10am followed by, "So what are you doing the rest of the day?" The rest of our date was errands at Best Buy, a stop at our favorite dive bar for cheese fries and stealing newspaper from the dorm to hang out in my kitchen and pack up my house while playing ipod dance party. So maybe I am partial to day dating, but I've never been a huge night owl so evening dates can give me some anxiety. With or without my predisposition, this was such a fun Saturday!

First we ventured to Dallas Contemporary to see the Rob Pruitt exhibit and also check out the Gilt warehouse sale. Normally it is free admission to Dallas Contemporary, but with the sale it was a staggering $5 per person entry fee. There were lots of cool Gilt leftovers out for sale as well as a bar and DJ.

Also making an appearance was my hair's happy place: drybar! They were doing free hair touch ups so I got their Cosmopolitan (loose curls on the ends). I used to teach an art program and one of the things I really miss from the educational world is my new, adult coworkers rarely ask if they can play with my hair like my students love to do. It is so relaxing and the curls definitely dressed up our day date. As Kate Middleton has taught us all, some shiny chestnut locks and a good blow out can take the right girl from commoner to royalty in a hot second.

Rob Pruitt at Dallas Contemporary
Dallas Contemporary is tucked back from some awesome antique stores, so we decided to take a little stroll through the shops. I love The Pink Pagoda's booth at Lost Antiques!

Also by Dallas Contemporary is the world goods outpost Big Mango. I want a fat Buddha for our backyard!

We had the romantic and intimate senior special of dinner at 4pm. The recent ScoutMob deal at Villa-O reminded me we haven't been in a while and that their organic Italian menu items are so good! I also love their in-house filtration system where they make fresh sparkling water. Makes things fancy.

We did a usual trick of the gluten-free vegetarian dining out, which was to each order our own salads (Markus got the house salad and I got the wedge) and then get a few sides and share them tapas style. Their roasted poatoes and onions were amazing and I also loved the spaghetti-stlye squash and zucchini. One of the things I love about eating out is learning new ways to prepare dishes at home. I am definitely going to make some zucchini spaghetti at our house soon!

Markus got crazy at lunch and suggested a Scout Mob double header - first lunch at Villa O followed by a treat from Pacuigo, also on Scout Mob right now. Pacuigo is great for families where one of the members is dairy free, as they have lots of sorbets as well as soy-based, dairy-free gelato. The Scout Mob deal is currently for the West Village location, but we love hitting up The Pacuigo at Northpark as well and then taking a lap around the mall.

The best way to wrap up a good day date is with a movie on the sofa! And the best place to rent a movie is of course, Premiere Video on Mockingbird. I love this video store and challenge you to think of a movie that they do not have! I enjoy geeking out over their documentaries, but this time I went for a personal favorite, Father of the Bride Part II. George Banks slays me. We followed this dad-daughter classic with The Descendants on Sunday, which I also loved. If we are blessed to have a little girl one day I know I will cherish watching Markus fall in love with her, in a George Banks/George Clooney NOT Woody Allen way.

What were you up to this weekend? Any good dates, at any time of the day?
What are some good day dating ideas?

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