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Date Night Diaries: A Gluten-Free Pizza Party

22 January 2012

Markus plans the best date nights. There are always multiple stops and reservations for a great dinner. He also does a bang-up job of asking me out. Short of getting to see him pull up in his car and ring the doorbell, it's all the fun of dating. And no guilty feeling when we wake up in bed together.

So yes, very fun semi-formal date nights do occur in our marriage. Last night, however, was one of those awesome date nights that just kind of come together and you realize that the guy is a total keeper because you don't need all the fancy stuff to make for a perfect evening together. The best kind of date.

Still working through our first food co-op batch, I had a pear and a butternut squash that needed a good recipe. Somewhere on the internet I randomly found a recipe for a pizza topped with roasted squash, pesto, feta and pear. Um, amazing. Unfortunately I have yet to be able to relocate this recipe so if you are the inventer of said pizza, props to you and please don't be mad at me.

I define a date as a planned and hyped event with two people that could potentially have sex later. Pizza party was totally a date as I found this recipe on Monday and things were planned and hyped all throughout the week. I am pretty sure we talked about Friday Pizza Party every day this week. Just on an added ironic note, Markus and I first met when the boss of his pizza company asked me and my sorority sisters one night if we wanted to come up and make our pizzas. I ended up working as the front counter at the store for over a year and then Markus and I started dating. So I guess I am some huge pizza lush, which I don't find surprising. This was, for some reason, the first time we had made pizza together since working at "the store" and it was pretty funny how much we got into it!

Butternut Squash and Pear Personal Pizzas
(adapted from an interwebz recipe I was lucky to find once but sadly never again)

1 butternut squash 
1 pear cut into thin slices
feta cheese
tomato sauce (I used the one we have for pasta dishes)
Horizon organic mozzarella cheese (just because I had it in the refrigerator)

*To make Markus' pizza vegan, he used a pesto that did not have a cheese ingredient and daiya vegan pepperjack cheese

When I got home from work I sliced the butternut squash in half, scooped out the seeds and then continued slicing it into 1/2 inch cubes and removed the outer peel. I put the squash cubes in a mixing bowl and tossed with a bit of olive oil, herbamare salt and cinnamon. I roasted the squash in a 400F oven for 45 minutes. Perfect amount of time for a quick workout or a light cleaning while you wait for dinner! Or online shopping, whatever the day calls for. 

I prepped a small amount of our equally small kitchen counter space, cleaning it with an all-natural vinegar-based disinfectant. Once the squash was finished roasting we layed out our crusts and toppings and got into pizza party mode.

Personal pizzas. L-R: Markus & Lilly

This was such a great dinner for a family who loves to cook together but have different tastes! 

Pizzas went into the over at 350F for seven minutes. Then onto plates for dinner time.

My stunning finished product.
I think I deserve a pizza oven in my backyard like the one Gwyneth is always using in her goop posts.
The udi's crusts were divine. A great combination of crispy and chewy and far better than many gluten-free crusts that I have paid premiums for at specialty restaurants. The feta balanced the sweet pear and butternut squash perfectly. I loved using both tomato sauce and pesto as well. Pizza night was so simple and delicious, it is definitely moving from a date night treat to a weekday dinner option. Thank you, udi's, for another great gluten-free product!

So much quality time to talk about our week. No movie theater to rush to or waiter checking in on us. It was a completely blissful and simple Friday date night. 

What have you been up to this weekend? 

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  1. Yummmm! Those pizzas looks so good. I never knew butternut squash can be an ingredient in a pizza. I have to try this.


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