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A Family Fitness Affair

19 January 2012

Everyone is trying to keep those New Year's health resolutions at our house! And I do mean everyone, including the dog.
Last night I had a Junior League meeting until 8:30. When I got home this was what I walked in to.

Maybe if he had known he was going to become material for a blog post he would have put on a shirt. Maybe.
Markus loves to cycle but sold his bikes after college to help fund the inital months of adult life. When he started pedicabbing at the Ballpark in Arlington and Cowboys Stadium, he got a gym membership solely to use their spin bikes so he could train for the crazy grueling pedicab sessions on the weekend. Only catch in this plan was the gym is boring, full of Jersey Shore castoffs and the spin room was only available outside of their classes during very specific times. Markus found a dealer on Craig's List that sells the gym equipment that the local YMCAs can no longer use and hooked up my boy with this sweet ride for less than a third of a disocunted retail cost. He's lovin' it. Cheers to having the husband at home more! He can open jars for me while he's on the bike now so there are no more dinner delays.

Not to be upstaged, Little Child decided to practice some yoga next to the bike.

My family was my own thinspiration last night, as I popped in my new Physique 57 DVD for the first time and got my saucy ballerina on next to Hubs and LC in the living room. I tried the Express 30 minute DVD first and was so good. I am so so happy I threw a little Christmas cash at these and finally purchased the three-disc set. I am looking forward to trying the full 57 minutes on Friday as well as the arms and abs over the weekend. Expect a review from me in a few weeks when I can really dish the dirt on this awesome workout! In the meantime, the video below gives a little overview about the hilarity that is ensuing in my living room right now.

Anyone else still trying their hardest to stay on the New Year's Resolution train? What are you doing to accomplish your fitness goals?


  1. hehe. found you on 20sb and love your blog already! (ps: i'm a fellow Texan :) )

  2. Our poor husbands - if they had any idea what blog fodder they provided, they'd probably insist on things like putting on a shirt (if not a pre-nup) first :-).

    Thank you for the kind birthday wishes, by the way!


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