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How did you used to sweat?

25 January 2012

I grew up as an energetic child in a fun neighborhood. I had hobbies that made me active but were not necessarily athletic or measurable. Then as I became an adult I learned being active isn't for fun anymore. It's to be skinny and not die. And it needs to be done all the time and on expensive equipment or in expensive classes and definitely in expensive clothes. All of a sudden I didn't like being active anymore. So I stopped. And everyone was right - I wasn't skinny and I wasn't healthy either.

It was the feeling really unhealthy that got me under doctor's orders to start being routinely active again. This time was different than my first foray into adult exercise. I didn't think about how adults like to work out. I went back and thought about what I've done before in my life where I was sweating and smiling at the same time. Most of these memories are me being in school plays, jumping around sets, and most importantly...dancing!

I've always loved to dance. And in high school, so did my friend Mandy. So we'd dance together. In her car, on our free periods, and before and after school with the dance class at our high school. It wasn't very serious but we took it pretty seriously.

Now Mandy and I are sweating like we used to every Wednesday night at Preston Hollow Dance's Adult POP Dance Series. We're still taking it pretty seriously, and even practicing on the weekends between classes. There's a new music video every two weeks, now through the end of February. We've conquered "...Baby One More Time" and are onto "Single Ladies." One of our practice clips from tonight is below!

Sometimes it's good to try something really challenging and athletic. But most days I just want to sweat and smile and feel like after school when stuff wasn't so complicated and the pants that you did sweat in didn't cost $90.

How did you used to sweat? Do you still make time to sweat that way?


  1. I took ballet class 6 days a week throughout high school and some of college. I took it pretty seriously! I haven't danced in a long time, now I run! But I really want to go and take a ballet class!

    PS left you something on my blog!

    1. I think you can dance all your life and it only helps your health and body. I know too many of us in our fifties that wish we stayed with dance. Plus, our bodies seem to have a memory built in and go back to it. Brooke Shields says that it why she can bounce back into shape so quickly.

  2. I tried running for many years and I loved it. Unfortunately, running tightens my hamstrings and builds big muscles in my quads - not good cross training for ballet. Now I love to go to Pilates when I'm not dancing. Bike riding is one of my absolute favorite pass times in life. Also, we have an xbox kinect and use Dance Central. So fun.

  3. That's so fun! Have you tried Zumba classes? They're so fun! I usually just sweat it out on the treadmill, which is not very exciting, but I always feel better once I do it!


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