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I Liebster You Guys

26 January 2012

If the name hasn't given it away, Markus is a native German and speaks the home language fluently and beautifully (for a non-romance language at least). Whenever we are over there visiting family I try to keep up verbally by taking in everything around me. I listen to every family member or store clerk that speaks to Markus and I try to guess what they are saying. I also read everything around me and try to use photos and context to teach myself new words. My little visual learning exercise is how I learned the German word Liebster - meaning dearest, beloved or favorite. When we went to the Christmas markets on my first visit, phrases with this word were scrawled across miles of oversized gingerbread hearts. So my retention of this new word was probably partly my visual learning style but most likely helped by the fact that it was written on a vehicle that always gets my full attention - food.

I did so well at repeating my new vocabulary that my then-boyfriend-now-husband took the hint romantically awarded me with my own gingerbread heart, somewhat pictured below.

The inspirtation behind my "romance across the globe" post is my friend Hillary at Happily Ever Healthy gifting me with a new Liebre heart today when she sent lil' ol' Pancakes and Beet Juice the Liebster Blog Award for being one of her favorite reads! Fitting as I love getting my daily dose of Happy Ever Healthy as well. She has a great experiment going where she is actually trying out all of those healthy yet delectable Pinterest recipes and reporting back on her successes and losses. 

Passing along the Liebster love, here are a few of my other favorite daily reads that win the Liebster Blog award from Pancakes and Beet Juice:

If you follow me on Twitter, you basically follow Mindy Kaling, as I RT her all day long.
She represents each of us. Mindy Kaling bleeds truth.
If you want to know if her lifestyle is working for her, check out her body two weeks after giving natural birth. Holy hell.
What up to a Dallas girl who shoots from the hip and is going after her dreams!
My real life best friend. She really is this fabulous in real life too.
If I did not know the author from youth and adolescence, I would be on her blog everyday hoping to read that she is making an appearance somewhere that I could attend and meet her. (Lies. I would still do this.)
She emits loveliness and it shows all over her blog.
Liz Marie loves a good workout program, going out with the girls and trying new fashion trends. She also gets the good eater award for her inventive Tone It Up recipes. I love keeping up with her blog! 

Out in the blog world - who do you love? Are you a blogger? If so, gimme a roll call so I can start being in love with you, too! 


  1. Oh my gosh! Lilly, you just made my night. I liebster-love your blog as well because I can hear your voice in my head as I read your posts, and that automatically makes me know that it's going to be a good story.

    Have a lovely Tuesday! I'm going to watch that Kristen Bell video 5 more times and freak out about it some more. :)


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