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New Year Nesting

03 January 2012

I love my home. Maybe it is my deep fondness for snuggling mixed with my touch of social anxiety and the fact that for so many years I was boarding with college roomates or trying to turn a 700 sq ft brownstone apartment into my urban penthouse, but there is no greater place in the world than my tiny sliver of land in the middle of Dallas and the perfect house that sits on top of it. During the spring and summer I love to be out and traveling, so I find this to be the perfect time of year to use my indoor voice and invest some time into my place.

We spent a lot of time this weekend not doing anything, but there were a few mini-projects that have me going into the new year and winter months feeling prepared and hoping for some snow days.

Mini-Project #1: State Souvenir Plates

Souvenir plates to me are fabulous. A perfect take home for the individual who loves china, travel and preppy pastels. Our Germany Oma has quite the collection so I hoped to make it a generational hobby and a way to add another touch to our kitschy kitchen. I had a working list of some of Markus and I's favorite spots and kept an eye out when we traveled ro Huntsville and my weekly occassional stop by Forestwood Antique Mall on the way home from work. Four makes a set so it was time to start hanging them up. Big thanks to engineer husband for keeping them so straight and equidistance!

Mini-Project #2: New Curtains and Drapes

One of my Christmas gifts from my mom this year was new drapery hardware. I chose the Antique Drapery Rod Co. Bauhous Modern Aluminum collection to blend with our mid-century coffee and side tables. All of the hardware is made from 99% post consumer waste. I can't believe when I look at how stunning they are that I have recycled soda cans for curtain rods!

Installation was a breeze and I think they look great with my West Elm cotton canvas drapes that I got on discount the day after Christmas. The drapes need to be taken down and ironed (a word rarely used in my daily vocabulary), but I am really loving everything together. We have a lot of color and stark white in the living/dining room so I thought this neutral beige was the way to go. It blocks enough light for a cozy feel and also helps to make the room feel warmer by insulating the windows.

Mini-to-Medium-Sized-Project #3: Solar Paneled Attic Fan

Our electric bill stays fairly low throughout the year, especially considering that we have an all-renewable green energy package. That said, that spike in the summer always tends to annoy me and I've issued a personal vendetta against it this year. I'm hoping the new drapes will help and I also plan on spending lots of quality time in our attic this year, insulating and poking around to optimize air flow before the heatwaves cometh. Step one was ordering a solar paneled attic fan from our home's happy place, Costco. This fan was already much lower priced at Costco than at other retailers, and I was even more excited to discover that solar attic fans are eligible for a federal tax credit of 30% of the total cost! That was an extra $100 off the price of a fan that will hopefully also save us money in the long run. Mrs. Hippy McMoneybags over here could not have been more excited. Markus was also excited about this news, expecially when he found out he was going to be able to use a power saw to cut a hole in the roof.

Little spurts of nesting mode peppered a relaxing weekend that have me excited about our future together in our home. Operation Warm & Cozy is complete. Add a trip to Costco to load up on produce to flush out Celebrity macaroons and keep cold and flu germs away and you can't ask for more happy home dwellers at the moment.

How are you preparing for wintertime? Any fun projects or new purchases? Memorizing the number for the best area Chinese delivery outlet so there's no need to trudge out on the cold nights? Note to self: do this...


  1. Nice blog you have here... Keep up the good work.

  2. Loving your projects!! And that they told you about the tax credit!! We do a lot of credit work (I'm a tax attorney) so it's always fun to see that outside of work! Yes ... I'm a nerd. haha.

    Love love love your new window panels!


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