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Oral Surgery aka the Involuntary Liquid Cleanse

15 January 2012

Our weekend started off with a very non-Wilco-reference-like shot in the arm, as Markus went under and got  his last two wisdom teeth removed on Friday. We've been tucked safely in the foxhole ever since watching blu-rays and making smoothies, save for my one escape last night for the trio of fries, Southwest Cesar salad with added salmon and the s'mores station at Tillman's Roadhouse with Sistah and friends. I freaking love that salad and those housemade mallows.

Call it Stokholm syndrome, but Markus was the perfect patient all weekend. He took it all like a champ and only puked once (nothing to do with the smoothie recipes). The only time I rolled my eyes all weekend was when he was on anesthesia and kept asking the nurse if he could ride his spin bike that day. Who comes off of anesthesia and dreams of working out? 

Our meal schedule all weekend had been a smoothie for Markus every four hours, smoothie remnants in a glass for me and the rest of the peanut butter on the spoon for Little Child. I went to Sprouts and the El Rancho and picked up some general "great in smoothies" ingredients. (Note to readers: anytime I refer to going to the Fiesta or El Rancho for recipe ingredients, I am just brazenly enabling my elotes additction. Out of control yet so rewarding. I highly recommend this addiction.) We mix and matched ingredients all weekend to make smoothies and there was no stopping our blending fun. Below are some is our shopping list and some of our winning combos.

Unable to Eat Solid Foods Shopping List
Rainbow Chard
Baby Spinach 
*Toasted Carob Root
Almond Milk
**Peanut Butter Co "The Bee's Knee's"

*I used Bob's Red Mill Toasted Carob Root instead of cocoa powder because it is caffeine-free, good for oral surgery patients that want to hop out of the surgery chair and onto their spin bikes. It's also high in calcium and can prevent nausea, which Markus had all day as he was coming off the anesthesia. You can sub carob root for cocoa powder in all baking recipes as well for healthier brownies, pies - the goods. 
**Peanut Butter Co's peanut butter is the best peanut butter in the world. The Bee's Knees was perfect for this weekend since many smoothie recipes call for agave or honey and with this PB it was all in the jar. 

Choco PB Nanner Smoothie
chopped leaves of 2 stalks of rainbow chard
peeled mango slices
1 sliced banana
2 scoops carob powder
2-3 scoops Peanut Butter Co goodness
3 cups almond milk
Instructions: Blend it up. If it looks thick, add more almond milk and continue with your blending.

Green Machine Smoothie 
1 avocado 
baby spinach
peeled mango slices
chopped leaves of 2 stalks rainbow chard
2-3 Peanut Butter Co goodness
2 cups almond milk
Instructions: Get to blending. If it's too thick, add more almond milk and get back to work. 

So this is how I spent my blissful and relaxing weekend. I must say that as we wind it down I do feel more intimate with both my spouse and our blender. How did you spend your weekend? Any other inadvertent smoothie cleanses due to oral surgery appointments? 


  1. When I got my first two wisdome teeth out, I ate yogurt and applesauce for a day and then begged my husband for something different. He made me a smoothie that was a little too seedy and I ended up getting an infection in one of the tooth holes. I was so traumatized I have yet to get my last two out!

    1. Oh no, Lauren! Yes I agree that you have to be super picky with your smoothie ingredients list so there are no seeds involved. There were so many berries on sale at the store this week but I stayed away knowing that would be a mess. Thankfully items like mango, spinach, avocado and peanut butter are all seed-free so they make the smoothie actually smooth! Let me know when you get those other two teeth out. We will get you through it in style!


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