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ReUSE Jeans

08 January 2012

So we know by now that I am a Groupon gal and also a recycling lover. I also have an interest in what I wear and have been on the look out for three items this season: a chambray shirt, red pencil jeans and leopard loafers. I am very picky when it comes to price and production but thanks to a great Groupon find I got to end my hunt for red skinny jeans!

Groupon is currently running a deal for $50 for $125 to ReUSE Jeans at the shops at Park Ln. All of the jeans in this store are custom designed by the manufacturer and made from over 80% of recycled materials. Oh how my hippy heart sings! It is a rarity to find a clothing item that is green that I would also wear in public. Not only are many of the designs in the store extremely cute, they happen to have exactly what I've been looking for this season.

I've tried on a few pairs during my red jeans journey and these were by far the best fitting. My sales associate let me know this was due in part to the denim's four-way stretch that allows the fabric to stretch vertically as well as horizontally for a jeggings-style fit without having to say that you wear jeggings. That word grosses me out.

Twenty-five percent of the world's pesticide use going to cotton and there was 11.8 million tons of textile waste in 2006 alone, so buying cotton products made from recycled materials is a great way to help our carbon footprint. ReUSE carries men and women's jeans and most lines are priced below a respectable $125. My skinnies were $95 and I also picked up a pair of shorts on sale, bringing my total for both items to $60 using my trusty Groupon. A great perk of shopping at the ReUSE store is they give you a sturdy denim eco-tote with your purchase that entitles you to 10% future items each time you bring it with you!

I will definitely be back at ReUSE, thanks to their selection, fit, customer service and exceptional green ethics. I am already looking forward to shopping for my next pair!

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  1. You definitely hit the trifecta - Thanks for sharing!


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