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29 January 2012

More amateur thoughts from a non-fashionista, this time on the SAG awards! 

Woman that I want to be when I grow up (see also: one half of comedy's best marriages):

Photo courtesy of People
I don't think anyone drives me as crazy as the Glee girls on the red carpet. You play an 18 year old on TV, you are in your mid-twenties in real life, so why are you dressing and vamping like a 40-something castoff of RuPaul's Drag Race? My mom would tell you to enjoy your days of youth with ladylike flair and humility. And for once my mom and I would agree on something. 
This photo of Lea contemplating death to puppies courtesy of People.
This unfortunate image courtesy of People.

Thank you, other girl from Glee, for being young and fun and age-appropriate! 

Courtesy of People
I love hot moms! So many funny, gorgeous hot women in our midst tonight. 

This mom look sadly represents the state of her current show. Used to be hot and now just happy that people still remember that its around. 

Kristen, I know you want to be artsy instead of just another celebrity hottie and that sucks for you because you are hot. But please embrace the hotness for a few awards show a year, lose the choker and aim to curb the artsiness. Then when you are done we'll work on Zooey Daschenel.

Overall worst look aka The Unfortunate Hippie award goes to my usual fave Busy Phillips. I love the hair but if I would get in trouble for wearing this dress to dinner on the Big Island with my mom and Nannie my Granny, you are not allowed to wear it to an awards show.

Favorite look of the night: Rose Bryn! Very red carpet worthy jumpsuit, in my opinion. I was actually thinking this morning about wearing a tailored jumpsuit to Sistah's rehearsal dinner. I wore pants to my own rehearsal and loved it. I felt like Mary Tyler Moore.

What do you think? What was your favorite look or one that made you a sad? Pants at a rehearsal dinner - yay or nay?


  1. Yes, I agree the girls in their twenties look like they are soliciting the wrong kind of dates, except for the last one who is princess material. Maybe Princess Kate will steal her look ?

  2. I honestly did not see a single dress I liked last night, which is super weird for me. I was disappointed :(

    And as to pants at a rehearsal dinner .. I think it depends on who it is. I feel like we all have our own style, and for some it's expected, ya know?

    Liz @ Southern Charm

    1. I know it was kind of underwhelming! Hardly any color at all and all concepts that have kind of been done before. Hopefully everyone is resting up for the Oscars in a few weeks!


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