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Simon [Doonan] Says

13 January 2012

I love Barneys New York. It is like shopping for your real life in an enlarged museum gift shop. Honestly, why would you buy your Nars at a bright and thumping cosmetics store when you could enjoy a more serene and aesthetically inspiring experience at Barneys? This is what I mean when I speak of being a picky consumer.

Our greeting at Barneys, and also Simon's fabulous new book cover.
Last night I was privileged again to be spending time at Barneys, this time having been invited to meet one of my idols, Simon Doonan, and hear more about his new book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat. It was by far the most relaxed, welcoming and inspiring book signing I've ever attended. My feathered hat off to Barneys New York Dallas for such a great event design and of course to Simon for being so immensely personable. I went ahead and purchased three of Simon's books - Gay Men Don't Get Fat, Eccentric Glamour and Beautiful People -  just to be on the safe side.

Fresh and colorful macaroons - the food of the gay man according to Simon's tome.
Instead of a sign and dash, Simon really took the time to get to know each person that came by to meet with him, like we were new acquaintances at a cocktail party (which in my delusional mind, we so totally were). He's my idol turned new best friend. I just felt lovely and smart around him.

The thing I really love about Simon Doonan is his relationship with Jonathan Adler. My home is basically a functioning Jonathan Adler museum. What I admire about their relationship, though, is that you know of it because of their devotion to each other professionally and creatively, but other than that you never hear about their marriage. For their bright and bold world under the spotlight of every design and fashion-obsessed soul alive, no one has the gossip on their private life. They're delightfully boring on the domestic front.

Since their family makeup of two creatives and a spoiled dog is how I picture our own unit, my choice of questions for Simon pertained more to family than fashion. I asked him on behalf of all my Pancakes and Beet Juice friends, "When you're balancing work, appearances and projects, what do you and Jonathan do together to stay creative and devoted to each other as a family?"

He shared that their favorite are physical and outdoors. They love to paddle board together and ride bikes and their dog most often joins them. Simon's advice was that physical activity helps to clear the head which allows for better personal and creative connection. And I learned that Simon and Jonathan share the same ground rule that has benefitted Markus and I so many times: never, ever speak badly about your partner to anyone. If you do not value that human enough to never want to bruise their public image, than why do you think they are worthy of being with you?

After he concluded his sentiments, Simon added, "I'm so glad you see our relationship as an inspiration. Jonathan's on his way up here,  you know." At this moment my heart dropped into my boots and up through my chest at the time. I could have died, though there is no way Barneys will have any of that in their exquisite storefront.

Cuz' we're the three best friends that anyone could ever have!
Such a perfect and inspiring way to start a weekend on the homefront as Markus recovers from getting his wisdom teeth out and Little Child and I play sassy nurses. What is inspiring you this weekend? Do you have any relationship idols who seem to have that je ne sais quoi you are looking for in your relationship?

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  1. My heart just leapt in excitement for you and this whole experience. Meeting those two seems like it would be a alternate-reality, worlds-colliding sort of thing, but it sounds like it was grounded, delightful, and thoroughly genuine. What a treat!

    P.S. I completely agree with the stance of never speaking poorly about your partner.


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