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Thoughts on the Globes

16 January 2012

What kind of amateur blogger would I be if I did not force my hot sports opinions re: The Golden Globes fashion and events with my dear readers? 

Lea Michelle as usual showed up thinking she was going to rock the "I'm young and here to represent the next generation of fashion " look. Here was her constipated attempt. I think her red carpet strategy is bend, snap and then start imagining your dog just died. You have the rest of your life to be a stuck up ice queen and your TV show sells its merch at Hot Topic. Live it up a little.

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Thank you, Emma Stone, for totally nailing the "I'm young and here to represent the next generation of fashion," look with stunning and inventive Lavin and a respectful, nonchalant pose. Run this town, girl.

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I found the turtleneck on the red carpet look to be a lovely silhouette. Very ladylike and nods to the Vitorian admiration of swan-like necks, which I love because I have a clear foot between my head and my shoulders or so it seems. There is a right and wrong way to do this look, though.

Right way to wear a turtleneck on the red carpet:

Naya Rivera looking very fresh yet classic and "Glee" appropriate.

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I will always adore Jessica Chastain for bringing one of my favorite characters, Celia Foote, to life on film. I thought this dress was a perfect mix of old Hollywood and contemporary minimalism, and stunning with curves and coloring.

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Turtlenecks gone totally wrong award goes to Guliana Rancic. Oy vey. 

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On a mental health note, I would like to recommend beta blockers to the lovely yet out-of-control Miss Paula Patton. If you watched the NBC telecast you got to literally watch Paula turn around, give herself a pep talk and then turn herself to the cameras for this faux laugh shot. It was amazing to watch. The lucky lady then got to sit in the front row of tables for the awards show where she proceeded to give about 47 one-woman standing ovations throughout the evening. Straight up rookie moves all night long. My mother would say "poor dear got too excited." Paula's mother would agree and hopefully gave her a courtesy call this morning.

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To continue ranting, let's all boycott girls like Stacy Keibler. The girl who can't believe how fortune she is to be chosen by George Clooney to sleep with him for an undetermined length of time during which she is allowed to be at his beckon call and accompany him to the events of his choosing. Of course she looks good. Her full time job is sleeping with George Clooney. I feel like for years we've watched Stacy Keibler take every avenue available to mankind to becoming famous without having talent: WWE, Dancing with the Stars, Us Weekly fitness articles and now the last stop on the train as George Clooney girlfriend.

Here is Stacy enjoying her moment as a big celebrity at the Golden Globes.

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Just as a reminder to Stacy, who is obviously reading, here are the ghosts of George Clooney girlfriends who have walked the red carpets past thinking their lives ha finally changed for the better.

No one knows this woman anymore.


Ending on a non-scathing note, it is time for the Golden Globes Bestie Award. This award goes to Busy Phillips, for being Michelle Williams' bestie and accompanying her to the show and looking cute without rocking a look that would get on any best dressed lists before her bestie. I thought she looked so fresh and I would totally wear this look and dress. The duo looked so precious during camera shots throughout the evening and in the subsequent party pics. Makes me wanna call my bestie up right now and remind her that if I ever get nominated for a Golden Globe she can totally go with me in a tres cute but less star-power dress than me. And vice versa, obviously.

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Just a few random thoughts on an evening full of lovely if not sometimes comical women. Who did you love?  


  1. I thought Emma Stone looked great, I loved her dress! I also thought Clare Danes looked beautiful, I loved her dress!

  2. I agree with you, Stacy makes me sick. Love all the looks you chose as well!


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