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The Unshopped for Home

23 January 2012

My favorite website, Apartment Therapy, ran a post a few weeks ago on unshopping - finding decor for your home from items you already own. I really enjoyed the article, since I love a home that has a look that shows there was some thought or curation behind it, but since I do pay a mortgage every month I don't necessarily have the means to go out and purchase a house straight from a showroom.

Here's a few snapshots of spaces in my home that have been unshopped for.

The gallery wall behind my living room sofa (which by the way, is over seven years old and still kicking - my friends joke that everyone important to me has slept on this sofa) was started when I first moved to Dallas and seriously did not have one dime to buy art for my apartment walls. I also was getting back into the groove of living in the city and we didn't have much money for dates since Markus was still finishing school. Local rock shows were/are our designated date and there were often free gig posters that we could pick up and put in a frame later. Now gig posters are a guilty pleasure of mine. I am especially fond of Dirk Fowler's work since walking by his printmaking classes when I was an Art History student at Texas Tech got me into the craft behind this art form. One of the many things I love about Bolsa in Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District is how they feature his work. The pillows on the sofa are also free t-shirts from different local shows that my best friend helped me make into pillows!

I call the posters we have in our bedroom "the reason why Markus and I don't fight before bed." How can you really argue with someone when you are looking at their first grade photo? I find it impossible. Our wedding photographer and graphic designer, Danny Hurley, made these for us for our wedding reception. We have them mounted on foam board and now they are a fun focial point of our bedroom. I don't usually put a lot of family photos out around our house so I think the scale and youthfulness of these lightens up the motherlode of frames I have below it. When do you ever get art of this scale for free? 

I actually prefer the unshopped look, as it means my home is furnished mostly by memories. Of course I also love it because repurposing what we have it a great way to reduce our comsumer waste!

It's a fine line to walk, though, to insure that it never looks like I decorated with garbage.
What do you think of the unshopped look? Does it make you unique or does it come across like you don't want to purchase new items for your place? Be sure to check out the full Apartment Therapy article for more ideas on decorating with what you already have!


  1. Love that gallery wall! I'm a new follower :)

  2. I'm feeling this unshopped look!! I love the one with all the frames!

    Liz @ Southern Charm


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