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Fairey Says Relax - Dallas Contemporary Phenomenon

05 February 2012

So I have been hyping Dallas Contemporary's Phenomenon event in both blog and real life for a while. And I sit here today to tell you that this party was very much legitimate and so worth the wait. Question: if you go to a party hosted by the guy who made the Obama poster and have an awesome time, does that mean you're a Democrat?

After a long week of installing stunning murals around the Dallas Design District, Dallas Contemporary and Shepard Fairey made one more night of it and threw a huge, neon dance party in the artspace. Graffiti barrels, fog, stop-motion video and custom gobos. Very abandoned meth lab chic. We were feeling it.

After checking in and getting our food truck tickets a line of volunteer staff greeted guests with glowing necklaces, bracelets and party sticks. Markus and I got into Project Runway mode with our new accessories and it was make it work time.

Markus' glow sticks tied to his shoes for optimal dance party light show.
One of the gallery spaces was open for the OBEY Pop-Up Shop, that featured a slew of Andre the Giant goodies, including a special print for Dallas and framed photos of him working on the Dallas murals.

The t-shirts and sweats were flying out of the store and are made in the USA. If you could not attend last night, the store is open through Feb 12 while supplies last (check with for hours). I will certainly be back on my lunch break to do some extra shopping!

After doing a lap before settling on a location (chapter in my future book: Things I Learned from the Movie Clueless), Markus and I used our food truck tickets at the Green House truck. I have really been wanting to try them and they did not disappoint. Thick brown rice with exceptionally fresh vegetables and chili oil. I thought about how good this was throughout the rest of the evening, until I got another one as we were leaving that I ate in the car on the way home (see ya, Taco Bell). I am so lucky to work by the Dallas Arts District so I can start seeing these guys when they are down there for lunch! Follow them on Twitter to keep up with their whereabouts.

Amazing grub c/o The Green House truck.

Soon it was dance party time. Shepard Fairey had an amazing set - lots of Run DMC and early 90's soCal rap mixed with The Ramones and Metallica up through Tribe Called Quest and Daft Punk. It was everything that Girl Talk puts on an album but fails to do live. Markus and I non-stop danced.

When the song below came on I basically died and we tried our very best to reenact this routine. It was a top 5 moment in our relationship for me. We were so in love and popping fresh dance moves like a deleted scene from She's All That.

Thank you to Dallas Contemporary for hosting such incredible events for our community! And for all the glow sticks that woke up in my bed with me this morning.

Anyone else have a memorable Saturday night?


  1. What a fun event! Love the "clueless" of my favs :)

  2. Dallas Contemporary=awesome events. They connect us to so many emerging phenomenal ( pun) artists. Love to see a museum event that pulls in the young and fun!


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