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February 20

20 February 2012

For the past month, I've told myself if I could get to February 20, I would take care of all of the other aspects of my life then. I had a huge work project - putting on a two day training event for 60 people from 7 different states - that wrapped last night. Thankfully, I also had today off work and knew if I could just get physically to this date, I would make the effort to re-focus on all the other things that had fallen by the wayside (basically everything else). Here I stand so it was time to jump into the deep end of my neglected life this morning!

After a day of hard(ish) work, some of the areas where I am feeling reconnected today include:

I have not one but TWO, hour long phone chats with my best friend, Sarah, today. It has only been two weeks since we last went to a barre sculpting class together, but we had a lot to catch each other up on! Sarah's birthday party this weekend. Sarah throws amazing theme parties every year so you do not want to walk in to her soirees with a bunch of catching up to do. Feels so good to be able to say that at this moment I know everything going on with my friend! These moments are far between so I am cherishing it today.

Sistah's wedding is only 12 weeks away! This morning I watched the Today show and clicked away reserving hotel rooms, sailboat passes and other aspects of her girls' lake weekend in April. I'm trying to keep all of my personal wedding details like party planning on time and on point in case Sistah needs me on a last minute project.

Kind of fashion, mostly trying to keep my house to a point where if I had a child it would not be taken away due to my own filth. But fashion in a way that the most out of control (note that I say most, not only) aspect of my home is my closet. We have a three bedroom home, so when Markus and I moved in we picked a room to be our bedroom and then each got a room to be our place. Markus made a music and exercise room and I made mine a closet, knowing that if my closet were in our bedroom it would always be spilling into our space. Two full hours in to closet cleaning, I have trash bags for consignment or charity and I'm feeling...closer. But not finished! I am being extremely detailed this clean out, though, hoping that the more space I have, the more I will actually put clothes back and utilize my closets instead of throwing things on the floor.

After photos will have to come this weekend, and I was too ashamed to take a full before shot. Maybe you can make your own assumptions of what I faced this morning by taking a look at what was going on with just one corner of my guest bed.

This is not the closet of a woman who had her act together.
Now I am doing my most important job, acting as snuggle buddy for Little Child.

Did you have a day off from work today? 

What projects are you working on or wishing you could catch up on? 


  1. We were off and saw a ton of movies!

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