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Friday Favorites: Fairey, Fitness and...the Fever

03 February 2012

Here are my favorite things this week!

Lookin' so gooooood.

Shepard Fairey and the People That Innappropriately Touch Him
This innovative and iconic artist is in town and has completed murals in one of my absolute favorite parts of Dallas - the ever evolving Design District! I love books as gifts, so I took Markus to Dallas Contemporary last night to meet Shepard (Mr. Fairey?) and have him sign one of his books for Markus as a Valentine's Day gift. It was a really cool signing with a artist's talk immediately following. I love this photo because I keep cracking up every time I look at it, not just because it is by far the most horrid photo of Markus and I that I've ever seen. I am an immensely socially off person, which is heightened around anyone who is remotely famous (like, if you have your own Wikipedia page, I'm not going to be able to have a normal conversation with you. Sorry.). So I am just my bubbly awkward self talking to this incredible artist and then we take a photo and completely without thinking I throw in a SIDE HUG. So inappropriate. Markus got to make fun of me for the rest of the night whilst doing his spot-on impersonation of my dorky drawl, "Well hey there sweetheart! We are just soooooo excited that you could come down here and put some pictures on our walls! Now do you mind if I take one of your little stickers? These are just precious. Let me give you a big ol' Dallas hug!"

Why do people go to these sort of things? For a memory I guess. So I gave Markus one and then some. The big, big event this weekend is the neon dance party he is hosting at Dallas Contemporary called Phenomenon. I can't wait to neon shop tonight! Do not miss this dance party, y'all!

Physique 57
I am rushing home to do these DVDs after work now. They are so, so fun. I have never liked the music on a fitness DVD and I have also never laughed while doing a fitness DVD before. So this is a big win. And I can't walk the day after. Each step makes me smile and flinch at the same time. Hoping to get one of these in tonight before Markus gets home and we start our weekend!

Actually, babies are so much my favorite right now that they're not my favorite. I've felt for the past week like somone has dropped Baby Mustard Gas all over me. I can't not think about babies at every moment of the day. If someone on TV has a baby I am sobbing and if someone on Facebook has a baby I hate them. At 26 years old I can admit that this is the closest I've come to having an imaginary friend, because in my mind I am always thinking about imaginary baby and what awesome things we could be doing right now. I've been through baby fever before, so I know it passes, but this is by far the most intense round I've faced so far. I need less of the adorable YouTube videos above and more pictures of babies crying, pulling hair, pooping - the 95% of real life with a baby moments. If you have any, please email them to me at!

What are your weekend plans and Friday favorites today? Anyone else got the fever?


  1. I have a wedding shower, a friend dj-ing AND the first parade of Mardi Gras season! I hope I can fit it all in!

  2. LOL. I am currently working on a case that is going to trial in a couple weeks... woman was essentially tortured during childbirth by her fucked up doctor. If you want a cure for your baby fever I'd be happy to send you copies of some of these documents, it'll be cured in a jiffy

  3. Is the Physique tape bar and ball exercises? Can you use a chair instead ? We should have traveling exercise tapes so when we can share the pain.

    1. Yes! They have classes in LA and NY but not in Dallas yet so I bought the DVDs off Amazon. I bought weights and a playground ball from Target (they send you a ball but I wanted one that was more stable) and you can use the back of a sturdy chair as a barre! It is so fun I will put them in our swap rotation.


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