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03 February 2012

The pretty behind A. Liz Adventures posted this fun facts and survey and invited readers to join in. Partyin', partyin' let's do this on Fridayyy...
* You must post the rules
* Post 11 Fun Facts about yourself  - sorry, I am cheating on this. But 11 makes me feel even more self-absorbed than I will allow myself to admit, so we are doing 6 today.
* Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you & then create 11 questions to ask the people you've tagged
* Tag 11 people and link them in your post
* Let them know you tagged them

The 11 6 Facts

1. I love to decorate cupcakes. When Markus was finishing school I needed to fill some time so I took a class at Michael's. I love Tibeten mandalas and the idea that once they are finished they are destroyed, showing how the most beutiful things in the world are the most transient. My cupcakes are my mandalas. Even before realizing I couldn't eat gluten I have always refused to eat my own cupcakes. I'm very self-critical and I would freak out if I tried one and they weren't good. Some of my prevous "works" are below.

2. I inherited a gorilla costume in high school and would often show up at friends' birthday parties wearing it. The trick to being a fun female in the gorilla costume community is you need a good blow out and to have your toes done, or else you are some crazy woman wearing an animal outift.

3. I listen to a lot of independent alt-country and rock, but for a while in college I was obsessed, obsessed OBSESSED with Garth Brooks. It was essentially all I would listen to and I did very involved lyrical dance interpretations of his songs in my car and apartment. To this day if "The Thunder Rolls" comes on the radio the car next to me is in for a treat.

4. I don't think I failed to cry in a single movie I saw in 2011. I mean, I cried in Moneyball. Hard. And after I see a movie my whole day is consumed by it. I love the human condition you guys.

5. I am a pretty sarcastic, off-the-cuff person, so I think it is kind of funny that I am intensely introspective at the same time. My biggest turn off to other people is complacency or watching someone know that what they're doing is bad for them but continuing to do it anyways because it's easier or they fear the unknown. Stop that shit and start living the live that was intended for you, yo! I am super open about my love of counseling with people to the point that I freak them out. When I was a junior in college I decided my whole current life was broken so I took a leave of absence from school, went home and met with a counselor up to twice a week to set out my short term and long term goals for my adult life. She asked me what the point of my efforts were and I told her "I'd just like in a few years to know what I am looking for in a person and be a good enough person where I might be able to contribute better things to another person's life." Eight weeks later I very very randomly met Markus. I believe sometimes you just need to say it out loud to know what you want and make it possible for it to find you.

6. I have never won any sort of merit award ever. I have won a Spirit award for every non-athletic endeavor of my life - elementary school band, high school superlative, my sorority, camps, etc. There was a Spirit Award at my last company and they had to remove me from the nominations when I gave my two weeks because I was already the lead. People root for the underdog and I am the Rudy of life it seems.

The 11 Questions
1. What is your profession? 
I work for a humanitarian non-profit, in the communications area. Fun work!

2. How would you describe your style? 
Hopefully classic with unexpected elements. I could wear a pair of jeans with a J.Crew or Thread for Thoughts cotton tee or a button down shirt every day, and I don't know a week since high school where I haven't worn a combo like that at least once. When I can't wear jeans at work I basically rock the same top and a pair of Minnie pants. But I love colorful cardigans, quirky flats and huge dinner rings that hopefully mix it up. So dorky chic could wrap it up.

3. What one make-up product can you not live without? 
I guess it is not makeup, but M.D.Forte Lotion 1 is my favorite beauty product in the world after my Clarisonic .I forget to wear makeup all the time and these two things probably make it a lot less painful for the people around me when this happens.

4. If you could be besties with one celebrity, who would it be? 
I would prefer that my friend Legally Fabulous and I get some sort of long distance reality show. It would pretty much be a reality TV version of one of my all-time favorite shows, Perfect Strangers. Then I could just keep my current friend and have her be famous, because I am really bad at making new friends.

5. What is your dream vacation? 
We love urban trips like Europe and Chicago but our whole lives change at the beach, so something that combines both. Maybe Rome with some time on the coast after? I am also dying to go on a silent retreat with yoga and vegetarian food and maybe some Buddhist stuff going on. It's one of my personal goals before having children.

6. What magazines do you subscribe to? 
I don't have any right now! Snaps for lack of petroleum based paper coming in to my home and money leaving. I love Lonny and Matchbook. I, like everyone remotely aesthetically inclined, hoard my old Domino magazines in a box in my room. For a while Markus would surprise me now and then with one he found at Half Price Books. Redefines romance, am I right?

7. If you could have a special talent {that you don't currently have}, what would it be? 
It would be nice to be able to sing. It would be incerdible to know what possessing social skills feels like.

8. What is your favorite breakfast food? 
Juice! We juice beets, carrots, a lemon, ginger and some kind of "greeny" (kale, chard, baby spinach) every weekday morning. Makes a huge difference in energy and health.

9. If you could do anything, what is your dream job? 
I want to be the person that thinks up those Google headings every day. Or I would like to work in the special events department at Henson studios.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? 
I love facials. They are the gift that keeps on giving and help to turn my whole lack of effort thing into more of a natural glow feel.

11. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received, and who gave it to you? 
Oy. Learning how to remove myself from my emotions was a big deal for me. Overall the best advice is from The Four Agreements, a book on Toltec wisdom. The accompanying book, the Mastery of Love, is also incredible. Very very much recommend these.

So you are all tagged in mine as well. If you have a blog and want to share the intimate details of your life, spill it! And then post the link here. Also, if you know me let me know if there is a fun fact about me that I left off and we can let other readers know more about me! Have a great weekend, everybody!


  1. LOL.
    god. I should have had a reality show this weekend. Hot ass mess.

  2. Hello from Dallas! Found your blog through Neely.

  3. Please post pictures of your amazing blowout, done up toes and gorilla costume.

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