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Give Me Liberty Burger

06 February 2012

So it is clear from my posts that I love a good meal at home and that we stick to it during the week. Markus and I will meet up for lunch about once a week or so but besides that I also go home for lunch to save money, get a good dose of veggies in and snug with Miss Little Child. I love eating out, though, so usually by Monday I've picked a place that I want to try over the weekend. By the time we get there I have looked up the menu numerous times, assigned Markus a list of options based on his diet habits and built logistics for any of our errands or plans completely around this meal. I yelp it, I urbanspoon it, I visit the Facebook page. I am all in.

Liberty Burger got on my hit list through the most unlikely of sources, Nannie my Granny. Nannie is a woman of refined taste, but food wise the only things I've seen her eat since my grandfather died 11 years ago are blueberry muffins, irish oatmeal, Werther's butterstoch candies and flan if we get on to her about nutrition, because it has egg for protein, naturally. So when Nannie was raving to me about a burger place I was intrigued. Then she let me know that my celiac mom was eating their gluten-free hamburger buns and I became obsessed with getting Liberty Burger checked off my food bucket list.

This is a counter service run restaurant, but in the best way possible. A friendly host staff assigns you to a table before you order your food so you're not stuck ordering and then doing the middle school lunchroom shuffle of awkwardly standing while searching for a place to eat. The wait staff delivers your food and is able to help you with anything after you've received your order and we also had a pleasant visit by the owner, who is on a romantic comedy level of adorable.

We got to Liberty Burger at around 6:30 on Friday, because once the word gets out that a restaurant is stocking gluten-free, there's always going to be a demand and I didn't want to have a meltdown in a restaurant miss this opportunity. Turns out when we got there that they had already gone through a pack of gluten-free buns but were bringing in more to accomodate the dinner rush.

First to the table was the caramel sea salt shake. I used to be a chocolate malt girl but no more malt after saying goodbye to gluten, so I've been looking for a replacement. This shake was incredible. There is a three-flavor rotation in each sip of creamy vanilla ice cream, salty goodness and pure, rich caramel. There is enough shake to get your meal off to a happy beginning, break up your burger and then have a little extra for lingering conversation or the ride home. Markus caught me looking longingly into the distance a few times this weekend and when he asked me what was on my mind, my repsonse each time was, "Oh, nothing. I just wish I had that caramel shake right now..."

Hi. I love you.
House made veggie patties are a huge deal to me. Liberty Burger's was definitely one of the best I've ever had. Lots of fresh veggies and chickpeas. I got it Chillerno style which means hickory barbeque sauce, a real deal slice of green chile and the thickest queso blanco I've ever had. It was oozing everywhere and I was pretty much the happiest person alive. 

Liberty Burger's Chillerno with a veggie patty and gluten-free bun.

Very legitimate queso blanco and green chile.

If you order a regular bun, they are made at Liberty Burger and from what I've heard they are amazing. Nannie's companion once grabbed my arm in a moment of pleasure as she raved to me about their thick cut onion rings. We got the skinny fries and they were good. I'm really looking forward to going back with a frend and trying the sweet potato fries as well. The house made chipotle ketchup has a legitimate punch - I was reaching for my water. Markus loved their fresh mustard, noting the horseradish kick.

The point of my weekend food field trips is to try new places and maybe learn a new way to prepare something at home. It seems though, that for the forseeable future, my Saturdays will be spent at Liberty Burger slurping down the salty shakes. Doesn't bother me one bit.

Dallas hungries - have you tried Liberty Burger? Anyone else try to balance their budget with their sense of adventure by limiting dining out to a weekly (or monthly) pleasure?


  1. I just looked up their menu, and it looks amazing. I'll have to give it a try! :)

  2. Wow! That looks delicious. I will definitely have to stop in there next time I am in DFW! My dad has celiac as well so I'll have to let my parents know, they are always looking for good GF restaurants in the ever-growing GF market!

  3. Is the veggie burger patty gluten free? I've tried calling them a few times to ask, but they never answer their phone!

    1. Hi Britty! I am only gluten sensitive and never had a reaction to the veggie patty. It is made from mostly chickpeas and some chopped veggies, but I am not sure if any natural grains are added. My mom is severe celiac and loves their regular beef patties and eats them with zero reaction. She also thinks they are great for adding more iron after she went anemic as a celiac side effect. It would be really helpful to have a set gluten-free menu online but they are very personable if you visit them at the location! I hope you get to enjoy a treat from them!


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