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Grammy's Fashion

12 February 2012

After an amazing weekend getaway that I am so excited to share highlights of tomorrow, I am back on my trusty red sofa between Markus and Little Child enjoying the Grammy's. I can't wait for all of the performances, besides Chris Brown of course, and so far I've bee feasting my eyes on many a fashion moment as well!

I Knew My Ex Was Going To Be Here Award goes to Rihanna. Though she should have points deducted for trying to impress the official asshole of R&B, I will be fashionably objective in this moment.

I hope you find a therapist one day that is as good as your stylist.

Also up for the Looking Good Is The Best Revenge Award: my fellow big eyed brunette Katy Perry. I loved this Elie Saab look and thought it jived perfectly with her current message that she can be a pop princess without being disrespectful to her upbringing. 

Russell is remorse. Mom is proud. Kudos to Katy!
Speaking of disrespectful, I am over Nicki Minaj. I understand that fashion, like music, is a form of self-expression, and that there is no church more fashionable than those charming Catholics, but with so many artists choosing to promote world peace and acceptance I find this getup is tacky. Way to ruin a chance to show off your figure by throwing a bunch of red satin sheets over it and also ruin your plus one on some confused-looking old man. Boo his, church dismissed.

By the way, saints had way cooler outfits than this.
I know because I dressed as one every November 1 in my 15 years of Catholic school.

Safe But Not Sorry Awards go to Carrie Underwood and Kelly Osborne. Carrie is my thinspiration but usually her awards outfits are as tacky as her wedding photos (as they say, take the girl out of Oklahoma and give her a spray tan...). This dress isn't pushing any major fashion envelopes but she's not drowning in ruffles or rosettes either. Same with Kelly Osborne, who also kept it in fashion neutral but looked good doing so. 

Very pretty.
Now go back to wearing shorts so I can put pictures of your legs on my refrigerator.

I love sheer overlays on dresses, especially formal wear, so I was a smitten kitten for Miranda Lambert's choice. Sheer overlay was no help for the high neck trend, though. If high necks come back next year I will be a sad, sad stylewatcher.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

I never thought I would miss her sheets of sequins like I do looking at this.

I always love Grammy's fashion because it's a little more funky fresh than your standard red carpets. Who did you love tonight?

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  1. Hey girl thanks for your sweet comment! You should def come try a pure barre class!!! :) Love meeting other bloggers in Dallas!


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