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Hippie Moviegoing in Highland Park: Big Miracle and The Lorax

29 February 2012

I love going to the movies. I become so emotionally involved with the story and characters and pretty much always cry. Movie dates don't happen very often for us though, because they can get expensive and there is just so much to do in Dallas. We managed to see two movies last weekend, both of which had been on my hippie radar. Friday night was Big Miracle and Saturday we saw an advanced screening of The Lorax!

Big Miracle was a really cute movie about a true story of a family of whales who became stuck in the ice in Alaska and Greenpeace and drilling companies worked together to free them. I thought they did a really good job telling the story and editing the historic and movie footage together. I was really glad I saw it with my mom, the daughter of the man who established the first oil refinery in Alaska, and my godmother, who has been a member of Greenpeace for 18 years. Life imitating art, much?

My godmother and her son have a standing date with my mom every Friday at the Village Theatre in Highland Park Vilage and Markus and I were excited to finally get to join them for a night at the movies. This was my first time going to Village Theatre and I had heard wonderful things but was just blown away by the amentities.

There is a consession case with standard candies, but these case of sweets had all my attention.
Chocolate covered marshmallow, anyone?

The fully stocked lounge area should you want a martini or old fashioned with your film.
As we walked up two men were trying to buy my mom and godmother drinks. Sorry to crash the fun!
The movie was oversold by two tickets so the manager put us in one of their private screening rooms to accomodate our group. These are usually rented out for private parties to watch movies or sporting events. I would love to have an Oscars night or birthday party for Markus here! It was so fun to be able to talk during the movie and stretch out on the plush sofas.

Snuggled up on one of the sofas in our screening room!
Remember when I was pale?

Kristen Bell won "Best Hair" in the film. Curls in the Alaskan tundra? Obviously.
Saturday we woke up and headed over to Northpark for a screening of The Lorax at Northpark Center with I Heart Cinema. There are a few advance screening groups in Dallas that you can follow on Twitter or recieve emails from but I think I Heart Cinema does the best job. I mean, I am pretty much owe them forever for the Muppets screening they put on in November.

The movie was short, about 82 minutes long. There weren't as many belly laughs as you typically get from animated movies but it was very cute and, of course, pushed the hippie environmental agenda which is something I always love to see in film. The movie is in 3-D and the animation was the best I've ever seen! They changed perspective a lot so you felt in the driver's seat for many of the different adventures. I recommend this movie to moms out looking for a matinee to take the kids to that you will also enjoy. We do animated films for date night a lot but I think I would have wanted more laughs if we had been dressing up and paying full price on a weekend night. The movie of course gets an extra bonus for featuring the local Polyphonic Spree in the trailer (though not in the film)! It always fun to see a movie in a screening because it is a packed crowd and everyone is excited to be there. We got a lot of "OOOOOHHHss!" in the tone of childlike wonderment from all of the animation tricks.

The next movie I am hoping to see is The Artist (still!) and Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

Have you seen any good movies lately?

What are your favorite movie theatres in Dallas?

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