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The Slug Bug

17 February 2012

As you can tell by my lovey language that past few posts, the love bug has certainly been by our house this week. Also visiting is the slug bug, not so much that causes us to hit each other, although I do totally condone family fight clubs (just don't talk about it), but more so feeling like a slug and not wanting to do anything.

Not wanting to do anything entails throwing pity parties about having to get out of bed, trudging off to work a little on the late side and wanting to do nothing but imprint our bottoms into the sofa when we get home and stay there until it's time for bed. This is not a usual description of my personality, and definitely not Markus' manic perpetually enthused attitude.

Favorite quotes from Markus this week re: his sudden change in energy:
"I feel like dishwater."
"I feel like someone took all the muscles out of my body and replaced them with melted gummy bears."
Such dramatic and descriptive language. Maybe he should be the blog writer...

What is wrong with us? Are we ill? Vitamin D deficit? Did we get old before we had kids? Because if so, I totally said that we needed to have kids before we got old and am declaring myself the winner of that argument.

I've been saving my resources in a sloth-like way, both physically and in the kitchen, where I've been using the leftover ingredients from lover's pizza night for other lunches and dinners.

Wednesday Lunch: Leftover Bean Dip Nachos
My bean dip from The Daily Garnish (made with black beans and added corn)
over blue corn chips with leftover green pepper, cheese and Kirkland's organic salsa from Costco.

Thursday Dinner: Greeny Mac (and a coffee at 7pm because I was falling asleep, WTF?)
Gluten-free pasta shells tossed with blended avocado, veganaisse, salt, garlic and leftover pesto.

Weeks like this I am so glad that I go to a few group exercise classes a week so I have some group peer-pressure accountability to work out. My friends at Preston Hollow Dance have carried me on their backs this week! Figuratively speaking, that is. It's barre sculpting, not boot camp.

This weekend I am working full days for a massive training, so there's no rest for the weary. Hopefully on Sunday I can crash out and get back on track for next week!

Has anyone else been feeling the sludge this week? 

How do you get back in the fitness/energy zone after a lull?

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  1. I have had zero energy this week! I had a long travel day on sunday so I think that has something to do with it! Happy Friday!


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