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To the Groundhog! A Happy Neubauer Secret Favorite Holiday

02 February 2012

Last week at Junior League we had an ice breaker where we were supposed to go around and say our favorite place we've traveled to or a future dream destination. Most girls did a place they'd already been. Descriptions began with "we took a charter plane" or "then the sweetest local paddled us out to our private island." To be honest, I didn't listen much because all I could think about was how excited was to get to talk about my dream trip. Finally when it was my turn I blurted, "MY NAME IS LILLY AND MY DREAM TRIP IS TO GO TO PUNXATAWNEY AND SEE THE GROUNDHOG!"

Everyone laughed at me.

I'm sorry that I am lame and think that one of the finest parts of our country is that we allow an adorable rodent to predict the weather. There is so much tradition and lore to this historically significant event! Oh, to one day be able to partake in the festivities.

Some days run together in Markus and I's blissfully dull lives. But Groundhog Day is always a standout.

The night before our first Groundhog Day Markus was getting ready to drive back to Dallas from my place in Lubbock. Those were the worst. He suggested fighting off the mean reds with a movie, and we rented Groundhog Day. For two whole hours I didn't think about him leaving! Thank you, Phil Conners. Since then we go to the movie rental store every year and check it out for the night. I like to make a huge scene about how lucky we were to be able to secure such a sought-after film on its most popular viewing date. The cashier is always uninterested in playing along which makes it all the more hilarious to me.

Two years ago I made Markus these groundhog cupcakes to take to his office:

The amazing German chocolate recipe is from The Cake Mix Doctor Cupakes recipe book - one of my favorite additions to my cookbook collection. Just ice the cupcakes with one layer of chocolate frosting, roll them in choco sprinkles and add three more icing circles with a pastry bag and tip. The eyes are upside down chocolate chips, the nose is a brown M&M and the little tooths are almond slices!

Last year of course, was the best Groundhog Day. A snow day in Dallas, proving that Phil was right to suggest six more weeks of winter!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from last year. Markus and I waking up on Groundhog Day agasp of the snow piles on our back porch!

With all the recent video store closings, I was a little nervous about being able to secure such a hot title on our special family day. We went ahead and ordered the movie this year and it arrived last weekend - our first Blu-Ray! Of course, the rule is still in effect. Though we shall quote the screenplay in its entirety throughout the year, this disc is only to be watched on Groundhog Day.

Our special treat this year is making our own pizzas with Udi's crusts. As an added surprise I am making a signature cocktail for toasting that I call Drinks to World Peace! They are La Croix sparkling water with a good helping of Lite Pom added for a special touch filled with many antioxidants so we can see many a future Groundhog Day together.

How are you enjoying the day today? Does anyone actually celebrate Groundhog Day besides Makus and I?


  1. Those groundhog cupcakes are the cutest things I have seen!

  2. That cocktail sounds so yummy, and those cupcakes are one of the cutest things I've ever seen! They are so precious!


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