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What I Ate Wednesday: Potato Potahto Food Truck

29 February 2012

Last night it was back to the barre for a good ballet/scuplting class at Preston Hollow Dance. A fun and intense workout after a long stretch of barely-making-it-happens left me energized, motivated and starving this morning.

I usually go home for lunch to see Little Child and make something out of the grocery budget but that just wasn't going to do it for me today. Combine my despondency with the opening of the new Potato Potahto food truck today and my discovery of my Valentine's Day $10 from Nannie my Granny and I was headed out to eat.

The food truck park at Dallas Arts District is awesome. I see it a lot on the weekends when it is a little bit slower but it was swarming with the suits today. One catch for those outside of walking distance is that there is no free parking, and after rummaging through my purse and begging change off a few coworkers I had 15 cents to my good name, buying me 10 minutes to walk from the meters, order my food and hustle back to the car.

Suburban sprawl can STHU on days like this.

Although I was starving from not being able to get out for lunch until 11:30am practically all day, it was hard for me to get my tater to go but I knew the drive back to the office would allow the cheese and butter to infuse perfectly into the potato, a compromise that I could sink my teeth into (heh).

Ordering at the truck is a breeze. You can pick the special of the day (the Pothato) or a build your own Russet or sweet (Potato). The special today was chicken fried steak baked potato and it was going fast. Other specials that jumped out at me were a pecan smoked brisket potato on Mondays and the shrimp jambalaya on Fridays. I'm definitely planning a return visit on a Friday but this trip I just wanted some classic spud lovin'.

Putting in my plain jane order. Classic toppings let the spud really sing.

This is the kind of fine print I like to see on my food.

Ten minutes later I was back at my desk and after gleefully reading a tweet that the truck was already out of food (you snooze, you lose Corporate desk monkeys), I opened my bag. My first reaction was that it was light on the toppings, but I'm hoping it was due to them being low on supplies from the unexpected food park rush today.

The potato itself is definetely the best I've ever tasted. Salted before it is baked and buttery smooth consistency. We were out of plastic forks at my office and I did not bring my resuables seeing as how I was supposed to be headed home, but the whole 'tato, skin and all, cut perfectly into pieces with a spoon. The skin had great flavor and was ideally soft.

Unfortunately light on toppings but still big on taste.

No joke.
For a no-fuss potato that was a little light on the extras for my choosing I definitely had no hard time choking it down. The whole experience was just the right amount of vitamin D, starch and salt that I needed to power through the rest of the day.

I can't wait to bring back Markus and coworkers. My next menu choices will definitely be the sweet potato, maybe with their greek yogurt topping!

What is your favorite mid-week lunch treat?

What do you have to have on your baked potatoes?


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