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Bridal Blog Sale?

16 March 2012

My wedding dress and I have kind of a special history.

I have always loved fashion but when it comes to actually dressing myself , I have really simple taste. Give me a stack of J.Crew perfect tees, a smattering of denim, some flats and a vanity full of accessories and we're golden.

I was hoping to keep my simple streak going with wedding dress shopping and at first was going the route of my beloved J.Crew catalog, until I went online to purchase one morning and my dress was sold out! My mom and I went to a small bridal boutique off McKinney called Blush Bridal Couture and when I tried on my second dress she said, "That's the one!" I got excited and went back into the fitting room to change into the next option, until I realized that was futile since my mom was already paying for "the one" at the front and discussing our next steps to having it made for me. Sometimes when you are in wedding planning mode you need someone to throw down the final decision for you before you get bogged in choices. I feel like I was too busy at the time to really look for a wedding dress so my wedding dress found me. By way of my, um... take charge mother. :o)

Lately I've been thinking about my dress and how it's living in a closet. My mom kept her dress and my sister and I have both tried it on but we didn't wear it and it looks the same as it was in her photos. Her stories of shopping for it and putting it on for her wedding are more important to me than the dress itself. This is a very nostalgic way of saying I've been thinking of selling my wedding dress.

Instead of just dropping it off at a consignment store and hoping for the best I thought I would extend the offer to my blog friends first in case you are looking or know someone who is looking for a custom made wedding dress in size 4/6.

It is the Augusta Jones Lois dress.
I purchased it in 2009 and it was custom made for my measurements.
There are sea pearls on some of the lace blooms but I had the iridescent sequins left off.

Photos from the Augusta Jones website.

Markus and I after our ceremony.
A good shot of the train length.

My bridal portrait in front of again&again by Kate Mefford photography.

A shot my friend took of the back of my dress at the reception.
The bustle was hand sewn in by my best friend and has been removed.

At the end of the day this dress was good to me, finding me when I was too busy to find it. I would love for it to find another sassy bride instead of being tucked away in my closet for the off-chance my daughters want to look at it in between reciting Shakespearian sonnets and leading the Greenpeace chapters at their high school. (No pressure, future daughters.)

I paid around $2,500 for the dress and have worn it twice. Since then it has been cleaned and treated. I am asking for $1,000 OBO. If you are interested please email me at and I can provide detailed measurements and we can discuss payment processes. And a happy weekend you all you window shoppers!

What do you think about the wedding dress consignment decision? Do you keep a major purchase like this or help someone else out while making a little money back?

P.S. Want to buy a wedding dress?


  1. Wow, that bridal portrait is gorgeous! I'm not currently in the market for a bridal gown haha, but I don't see any problem with a wedding dress consignment! It's not like you're ever going to wear it again, and you have the pictures to remember it by. :)

  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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